Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where do we go now, sweet Bodes of mine?

Remember when you played sandlot football as a kid, and one of the scrubs kept on insisting, every time you huddled up, that his play would most definitely work? Come on, guys, this'll work! Two plays later: I'm telling you, give this a try. I'll catch it, I promise!

I reckon Jim Bowden was one of those guys (that's why he's a GM who never played, right?), and he's got a plan. Ah, that's a relief!

And what, pray tell, does the plan entail? Here's what: GET A LOT OF GUYS WE DON'T HAVE TO DO THINGS THE GUYS WE CURRENTLY HAVE DON'T DO SO WELL.


"It's that simple?" you ask. Sure, baby. But if you don't think I'm doing his plan justice, I'll review it:

---> Get power hitters.
---> Get speed guy.
---> Get starting pitchers.
---> Get "power lefty."
---> Get veteran leadership.*

Results to follow.

Yep, that's it. Now, that's a plan, gang! If only the new owner(s)---if he/she/they actually exist(s)---would give Bodes the chance to implement it, he knows it'll work. (And, considering he thought the current edition was underachieving, despite its midseason 100-win pace, this time he's serious; he was just joking back then.)

* I wonder if Carlos Baerga is available . . .


Retrospectives galore!

---> Harper assumes the third rail and blog-rolls the concept (good links in there), while also kind of subtly mocking the concept. He also says the Nats' season could have been so much more (rather than could have been so much less) and predicts the Stankees will win the World Series. Boo!

---> Capitol Punishment, in a transparent yet effective attempt to give the old comments meter a few extra cranks, requested nominations for Nats-specific MVP and Cy Young awards. Today, Chris releases his picks. Like many (most?) commenters, he praised Brian Schnieder but eventually named Chad Cordero the team MVP and John Patterson the team CYA guy. I guess I'm conflicted; Cordero's definitely worthy of something, but I can't wrap my head around a guy being an MVP of anything yet also losing a Cy Young award (of any sort) to another pitcher.

---> Yuda provides his list of the top games of the Nats' (current edition) inaugural season. He also wants to know your list. Obviously, that bizarre June game in the Los Angeles Suburb of Anaheim is going to rate highly on anyone's list. I'd also nominate an April game in Atlanta. After a rain delay, the Nats rallied against then-Braves' closer Danny Kolb (heh!), capped by a Schnieder double. That was probably the moment when I suspected that this team could be something special. In a sense, it might be a more appropriate memory than anything from the ten-game winning streak in June, since that early game only gave hints of glory, not the full-born fool's gold of June. Ah well . . .


New blogs!

I've been meaning to add these to the sidebar, and still will:

---> Just a Nats Fan
---> Curly W
---> ¡Blog! (I've been really derelict in failing to add this one; sorry!)

There's another one (is it called "Nats Triple Play"?), but I can't find it right now. A little help here?

Thanks for the link! Nats Triple Play is here
Bowden is a guy who said, and I quote "As long as I have this job as general manager, there are two things I’m always going to look for: One is more pitching — starting and bullpen. I will always do that — every day. I’m always going to try to get another bat because I love scoring runs"

He's probably kicking himself that he didn't get to add "I also am always looking for a good glove man".
Thanks, MissChatter!

Harper, if Joe Morgan's taught me anything, it's that good, balanced teams have everything in abundance! ;-)

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