Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vargas: "Why you gotta play me like that, dog?"

You know who we haven't heard from in awhile? Claudio Vargas. Let's check in on what's up with I, Claudio:

Claudio Vargas says he doesn't pay much attention to his old club, the Washington Nationals, but he knows enough to
realize they could use someone like him right now.

Oh, right. That. The whole waiving him thing.

Well, when was that . . . late May? Time rolls on, bygones-be-bygones, seven-times-seventy . . .

"I think now I'm in the real big leagues," Vargas said. "In the past, in Montreal and Washington, it's terrible down there."


He said he has heard from a former teammate that players are unhappy in Washington. Vargas has said he didn't feel as though manager Frank Robinson had confidence in him . . .

Frank Robinson doesn't have confidence in many pitchers under the age of 30 (they're not part of the solution; they're part of the problem), and Vargas' performance as a Nat wouldn't even have made Joel Osteen smile. But go on---

[H]e doesn't seem to think much of the Nationals' general manager, either.

Really? Nor do I! Do tell, Claudio:

"People tell me that the GM they have now, Jim Bowden, he's crazy," Vargas said. "He doesn't think before he does a lot of things."

Bowden seems to qualify as a megalomaniac; that's a kind of mental illness, perhaps. And his roster moves evince a sort of hair-brained whimsy that suggest a lack of foresight. Claudio's sources seem like gold. I wonder who they could be?

I know, I know: sour grapes. That's certainly the case, and Vargas is an ex-Nat (and an ex-Nat who's enjoyed success in a new hometown), so we should care not a little bit about him. Maybe we should even dislike him--- and I'll tell you what, Vargas has aided mightily in that process. Early returns are in, and a rather vituperative reception is in the offing. I can see that, and it makes sense.

Still, I don't know. Meh. Just insinuating myself in Vargas' shoes for a second, I can guess from where he comes. He signs with the organization, puts in his time, pitches well for the big league club in 2003, has an injury year, a new clown takes over the GM's seat, he comes back from injury and gets his brains bashed in, and the clown DFA's him, then waives him (when he had an option year remaining, mind you), and he's snapped up quickly by another team. He's in that team's rotation in no time, and he's trying to reestablish himself.

It's certainly sour grapes, but I think I can understand the feeling.

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