Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tony, meet Tony

With the Washington Nationals caught in a veritable death spiral, what better topic to discuss than hell?

Call me crazy---or merely not of Jewish extraction---but the
first time I noted Laura Blumenfeld's Sunday Post article, the aspect that most caught my eye was that apparently "Frank [Robinson] doesn't do religion."

What, there was something
more newsworthy in Blumenfeld's article? Something more newsworthy than Ryan Church's inarticulate overuse of the word "like"? Yeah, I guess there was.

Those who know me, even some people purely on-line, know that I am a religious guy; I guess it's just part of my inimitable charm. Anyway, I wasn't going to post anything on the "Ryan Church Controversy" (see any of the above links for the specifics), and I'm sure not going to engage in
"you say heaven, I say hell" discussions. That's not really part of the aforementiomed charm, I confess. Yet, when I returned home from work this evening and noticed Tony Kornheiser's micro-column on the subject, I found my muse. Cheers, Tony!

Rocket has already given Kornheiser the business, as Ben Dreith would say. (Vigorous discussion also followed, and it was a true example of our American marketplace of ideas: some reasoned points and some dumbfoundingly inelegant.) Rocket's thrust is that Kornheiser pegged the wrong guy, Church, instead of Jon Moeller, the evangelical Christian chaplain who edumacated Church on matters of faith, including the proposition that those who do not accept Christ as savior---including Jews, as Church's ex-girlfriend is---are doomed to hell. Pleading for some discretion afforded to Church, Rocket proffers that Church was essentially relating the lesson Moeller taught him (and his intendant surprise to it), rather than affirmatively castigating Jews to hellfire. I don't know if that survives a more-likely-than-not standard, but if imaginary criminal proceedings were ever brought against Church on the charge of anti-Semitism, Rocket the public defender could throw a hell of an argument for the existence of reasonable doubt.

I believe Rocket has the right idea here: take the focus off of Church, because he does come across more like a dupe than an agent of evil or even a raving anti-Semite (or, for that matter, a
a raving anti-Dentite); seeing as Rocket beat me to the punch, however, I'll focus on someone else. Tell you what: I'll do that in a second. First, a few points on Mr. Tony:

1. My first thought on the column---and admittedly a superficial one---is that it's so nice T.K. Stack Money notices the Nats exist. I'm not going to subject Kornheiser's last six months of work product to
the Wilbon treatment, but I suspect we'd arrive at a similar result. This isn't to say that Kornheiser should be restricted from writing about whatever strikes his lingering sports fancy (and there doesn't appear to be much of that left, to be honest); on the other hand, Mr. Tony is, if not widely read these days, then widely-distributed---and it would be a shame if a national audience equated this fine inaugural season with a dumb quote from a forgotten fourth outfielder.

2. My second thought is that Kornheiser is historically rather touchy on the subject of sports figures speaking of their faith. Admittedly, Kornheiser has in the past ranted on quotations of more innocuous content; then again, Kornheiser has in the past ranted on quotations of more innocuous content.

Here's an example: five or six summers ago, Pete Sampras won (yet another) Grand Slam tournament. Since it wasn't the French, of course, it must have been Wimbledon. Sampras prevailed in a hard-fought final round and, in accepting the trophy, thanked God for "blessing him," or something to that effect. It wasn't a full-blown "Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing me this victory" (which Tony really, really hates, apparently, and I also find cheesy); instead, I was watching the match, and I'll attest to you it was a simpler statement than that.

Kornheiser, then a nationally-syndicated radio host, ranted about Sampras' statement for a good five minutes, and I witnessed that, too. I don't want to paint Kornheiser as unreasonable, so let's assume for the sake of argument that Sampras at least intimated the "thanks . . . victory" line. (He could have intimated the thanksgiving, I suppose; however, Sampras is
Greek Orthodox Christian, and most sports stars who utter the full statement are of evangelical Protestant persuasion, not that Kornheiser would necessarily know the rather large difference.) Kornheiser's rant could basically be reduced to the common rebuttal line of "God (if one exists) doesn't care about the outcome of the game."

That might be true (I sort of hope it is, actually), but suffice it to say that Kornheiser was making a definitive statement that another person's faith/belief system is just plain wrong. Even more than wrong---pathetically stupid and with no clue of the Almighty's tight logistics schedule. In essence, Kornheiser showed intolerance to Sampras' spiritual belief. (Well, first he assumed it, and then he showed the intolerance.)

In today's column, Kornheiser writes: "I'm not a history teacher, but I believe one of the founding principles of this country was religious tolerance." Sure. Yet, one could argue based on his past radio rants that Kornheiser is quite intolerant of those who express their own religious beliefs.

Now, there's quite a difference between "thanks . . . victory" and "Jews . . . doomed." I recognize that. However, unless Ryan Church is a really nefarious creature, he has no actual power to doom any person of Jewish faith, and I sincerely doubt when he's kneeling at bedside his supplications include fitting in some good damnation for the sons and daughters of Abraham. Certainly, the belief that certain people (and, lest I note, not certain people, but quite a broad swath of humanity) are doomed strikes the so-called doomees (and quite a few of the chosen, too, I'd suspect) as unseemly. But a belief's a belief, and I see no evidence that Church is doing anything to act out anything filed under "Anathema." I do see that Kornheiser is intolerant of an intolerant belief, though.

3. Of course, Kornheiser has a point: Church would have been much better off keeping his trap shut and his yapper zippered. Talk about bad P.R., baby!

4. Yet, ultimately, Kornheiser's being overly dramatic and, as Rocket suggested, off-target. If he wants to be enraged, that's fine---but he shouldn't insinuate extra-horrible things about Church (read the beginning of the column) and should instead focus his ire on the guy who most deserves it. And thus, finally, I get to the real subject of this issue:

Tony Tavares.

The guy's the team president, of course. Since the team has no owner (or 29 of them; big difference, huh?), Tavares is the man in charge. The buck stops with him; no one gets to the Nats but through him.

You don't believe me? Ye of little faith. Check out dude's authority in the
Post's follow-up article:

Tavares said that the choice of chaplain was made by the players, and that the Nationals would be glad to make similar provisions for Catholics, Jews, Muslims and others who work for the club.
"But one of the cautions I intend to give anyone who comes in here is, these are private services and should be kept private," he said. "I'm not trying to change anyone's religion or beliefs. I just cannot provide a public pulpit."

Yes! With authority!

Where in the---dare I say it?---hell was Tavares before this? He didn't notice some chaplain who seems to summon his players to chapel quite a lot? He didn't notice that this chaplain is an evangelical Christian? He doesn't know the evangelical Christian view of salvation by faith alone? He didn't notice that team-sponsored chaplains are a huge presence in team locker rooms today, thanks to the encouragement of team executives like him? He didn't notice that such ministries have been profiled countless times, in all forms of media? He didn't notice a Washington Post reporter trotting around his locker room at RFK, asking his players about how cool they think their chaplain is? He didn't notice his players answering the reporter's questions?

Come now.

The real doofus in this mess isn't Ryan Church, who at least believes---however inarticulately---something millions of others do. And it's not Jon Moeller, who at least preaches what countless pastors and chaplains do. No, the real doofus is Tony Tavares.

Tavares admitted the chaplain. Tavares knows what
the Baseball Chapel preaches. Tavares knows that Baseball Chapel has been profiled recently in another cosmopolitan newspaper. He knew it was only a matter of time because Moeller's chapter gained notice.

Or he should have known all these things. Just as he should have advised his players of what topics would open his team up to ridicule. As I can see, Tavares did nothing of the sort. Instead, he's ripped the credentials of a guy whose message was known to him well before the publication of this article, and he's let his own player dangle in the wind.

Tony Kornheiser could have written a substantive indictment of Tony Tavares' mismanagement of his team's own public relations. Instead, Kornheiser penned an eight-paragraph rant. To each his own---I'm a tolerant guy---but this column does nothing to inform, nothing to heal, and certainly nothing to consider.

It's a nothing column, just like most of Kornheiser's these days.


One final point: It occurs to me that everything Tavares should have known, Kornheiser also should have, too. Kornheiser's covered dozens and dozens---if not hundreds and hundreds---of evangelical Christian athletes in his day. How do I know? Because Kornheiser's covered professional football, and that sport above all is filled to the brim with WWJD-ishness.

Did Tony K. admire
Darrell Green? I can't say, but I suspect he did, on some level. Green was a great player, a team leader, a respected veteran, and seemingly a perfect gentleman. Green's also an evangelical Christian. What is more, Green is a Champion for Christ and believes "fighting God" is a "dangerous thing to do." To that end, Green involves himself in typically-evangelical causes, like fighting gay marriage.

Green is also, in the estimation of Kornheiser's buddy Wilbon,
heroic. Does Kornheiser also believe that? Who knows.

But it would appear that two things separate Darrell Green from Ryan Church:

---> Church actually said what Green (among others) believes; and,
---> Church is an outrageously easy mark.

Far be it from me to defend Tony Tavares, but I suspect he left Baseball Chapel alone as long as it didn't cause any problems. Those problems being schisms within the team or bad publicity. The latter is what happened and he finally saw fit to address it.

I really don't see how anyone else in his position could have done anything different. If he tried to exclude Baseball Chapel, he could have been accused of being anti-Christian. At least now there is some possibly offensive language out there he can react to. Without those words, Tavares would appear intolerant.

Let's say an underling notices the Washington Post reporter snooping around and tells Tony. Does he kick her out? Now it looks like he's trying to cover something up.

I understand your point, that Tavares shows more spine by being proactive. But in his position, it's less of a headache to leave Baseball Chapel alone and react to bad PR.

I don't know. The problem with leaving it alone and reacting to bad PR is that Tavares has now banned this chaplain, and quite a few players seem to be very fond of him. I think there's your potential schism (heh) right there.

Banning the guy straight-up before all of this wasn't possible, either. But I think Tavares should have been very clear with his players that religion is a touchy issue---more so when the religion takes an exclusive view of heaven and hell. (As opposed, I guess, to "happy thoughts chaplaincy.")

I don't think Tavares would have been out of line by setting out with his players what topics could or could not be explored with reporters on the subject of religion. I don't mean prior restraint per se, but merely a reasonable policy that the players could respect for the good of the team's name. It doesn't appear Tavares did anything of the sort (or else Church blatantly violated it, but it doesn't sound like this is the case).

Instead, Tavares reacted to the controversy by essentially setting the clock as it was before Moeller was allowed in. Moeller's doing nothing now that Tavares didn't know (or reasonably should have known) before. By not being proactive, Tavares forced himself to overreact and cut off an outlet to some of his players (and one his own GM encourages). I can only imagine, say, Captain Chaste Jamey Carroll now believes his religious views are being persecuted or somesuch.

At any rate, these are more legitimate issues to explore, I think, than to surmise how Ryan Church dissed his Jewish gf.
One more thing: according to the press release, Moeller's been suspended indefinitely (per the Post, perhaps permanently stripped) and Tavares has requested the Baseball Chapel to provide an interim replacement.

Setting aside any relationship or rapport some of the team members might have had with Moeller, what is an "interim replacement" supposed to accomplish? Hasn't Tavares read BC's mission statement?
Actually, I think "Gomer" is to blame in all this. He's given hearsay evidence about what Moeller said, and everybody assumes it is a fair and accurate statement. Reading Blumenfeld's original article shows Moeller's associate saying that people who don't believe in Christ could miss out on Heaven, which is an important difference from Church's précis.

By suspending Moeller, Tavares displays his typical incompetence in all this. He should have limited his intervention to an investigation of the matter, since he doesn't yet know what Moeller actually said. If I were an evangelical Protestant, I'd be pretty annoyed with the Nationals.
I never said Church wasn't an anti-dentite. I once overheard him rambling on about sadists and newer magazines and "how they should have their own schools."

Anti-Dentite Bastard!
Fra Paolo: Interesting points.

I think it's all kind of skirting around the edge of this, though. What's an associate going to preach that Moeller wouldn't? I mean, of course Moeller would say "Jews COULD be doomed," because no one (at least no one of non-Phelps-ian ilk) would say, "If you're Jewish, you're going to hell." The whole point of their theology is that it's a personalized choice.

So, a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Sikh or a Zoroastrian or a Jeter-lover COULD be going to hell, unless that person (whoever he or she is) accepts Jesus. So says that religious belief.

What Church was not doing was expressing surprise that "all Jews were going to hell," but surprise that "individual Jews, like my ex-gf, would/could/whatever, unless they accept Jesus as a personal matter."
The Pharisees didn't like the message that Jesus was the Son of God...or that salvation only came through Him.
Good for you, Jon Moeller...and if Ryan Church is naive, then so be it.
Jesus also said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me."
Salvation IS toooo simple for many to accept...they think you have to have some kind of rule or ritual. But, actually, believing on the Son of a little it.
It's an AMAZING story of GRACE...that we complicate too much to try and fit in to what we need or want it to be.
Tony TAvares may need to hear the plan of salvation himself. He may have dismissed the guy that God sent to share it with him.
Hope he gets another chance.
Jesus wasn't PC...and in that day and time...he was RC (religiously correct)...but HE WAS and IS the only Son of God...and ONE DAY, every knee will bow...and every tongue confess that HE IS LORD!
What has anyone got to lose by believing that now!
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