Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nepotism, eh?

There are certain things of which a Major League Baseball announcer need not be familiar---the Periodic Table of Elements or Jack Nicholson's monologue/diabtribe at the end of A Few Good Men, for instance. Other things, however, . . . .

"One thing I hadn't heard of until recently is
that [Nick] Johnson is the nephew of Larry Bowa . . . "

---Chip Caray, Braves' radio, August 31, 2005, Game 1, top of the fifth inning.

How could any sentient being receive regular paychecks to announce baseball games and not know this "until recently"? If you follow baseball, you knew this by the late 90s. You'd say, "Hey, that's Johnson. Oh yeah, he had a .545 OBP at Norwich and is related to Larry Bowa."

Nick Johnson has played for the Yankees. He's played in a World Series. He's been in the league for close to five years now. He was the DHL delivery guy on FOX's pregame show last Saturday, for pete's sake! He's not an anonymous player, and he sure as heckfire doesn't have an anonymous uncle in Bowa.

Everybody knows their relationship by now. My dog is even familiar with it, and English isn't her first language.

Chip Caray, n. Def: Idiot.

I always love the "Hey, I never knew ..." intro to some factual statement. (I love it so much I do it myself constantly). If you think about it, you might as well say "I'm an uninformed loser, and I'm about to give you evidence in support ..."
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