Monday, September 12, 2005

Clearly creamed

I just watched the first at-bat back for Barry Bonds. On the tenth pitch, Bonds launched a shot deep into left-center. Initially, it looked like a homer; FoxSportsNet even did the "HR-Bonds (704)" scroll at the top of the screen.

Well, it turns out Jeffrey Maier was in attendance, or perhaps it was Jeffrey's ugly uncle. Either way, a fan reached out and caught the ball. What looked like a homer turned out to be a long, long double. Bonds scored a couple pitches later on a Ray Durham single.

Keep in mind that this was Bonds' first live at-bat of 2005. Love him or hate him, one has to concede that was pretty impressive.

Agreed. What was also impressive is that he didn't miss a pitch, fouling off several before hitting the double.

It is a shame we won't know how his accomplishments have been affected by steriods.
It is a shame.

I wonder what would happen if Bonds put up another year or two approaching his '01-04 numbers, during the current testing regime?

(He's probably too old to approach that now, but who knows.)
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