Thursday, August 25, 2005

A tall, strong drink of water

John Patterson did it again last night, tossing another check on the "Marvelous" side of the ledger. What is more, the Nats actually scored for him.

Needless to say, ample bloggin' love has been doled out to Patterson this morning. I commend you to Rocket for admiration and Ball-Wonk for veneration.


As Wilbon mentioned when he discovered the Nats (see previous post), the Washington Nationals are in a pennant race, baby! I still think that more factors are lined up against the Nats than for them, but---to quote Wilbon---it's "do-able." To that end, last night's victory didn't hurt.

However, Nationals Interest cautions us to "Watch out for the Mets!" in the wild card race. Apparently, Gammo and Kurk-mit the Frog like the Metsies, primarily because of ¡Pedro! and run differential, and the NI guys see merit in that evaluation.

What is more---and don't forget this---the Mets hold something of a trump card in their September schedule:

They finish the regular season, at home, against . . . the Colorado Rockies.

It could be either a great blessing for the Mets or a ready-made, choke-o-matic curse. We might just need the latter.

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