Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Salute to . . . What?

MLB Home Plate (XM Channel 175) runs a recurring feature entitled A Salute to Summer. The concept is simple: a fairly quick, mostly recent team history is presented by an XM baseball guy like Rob Dibble or Phil Wood. Ostensibly, XM talent recorded a "salute" for every franchise, although I've only heard between one-third and one-half of the teams represented---with the Cubs and the Tigers, among others, getting their fair share of the replays.

Did you know they recorded a "salute" for the Washington Nationals? They did, and I recently heard it. I listened with anticipation, as questions had been building in my mind when I previously just suspected such a salute might be coming Natty Way. Would it include highlights from previous teams, even though the highlights are technically "property" of other franchises and really too old for the purview of these "salutes"? Would it include highlights from the Expos' days, even though they'd have little connection to DC and would probably be embarrassing to MLB?

Well---paraphrasing, of course---here's A Salute to the Washington Nationals:

Washington, DC, had been without baseball since 1971, when the Senators became the Texas Rangers. But that all changed in the fall of 2004, when the Montreal Expos relocated to the Nation's Capitol. The renamed Washington Nationals play at RFK Stadium, which hadn't seen baseball in 34 years, and are managed by Hall of Famer Frank Robinson.

And that's it. Kind of pointless, eh? I think even the most hardcore Nats' fans might agree with that assessment.

Speaking of XM, have you listened to a Padres home game yet? There is an ad for San Diego National Bank that is so "Life Imitates Ron Burgundy" it is worth suffering through Jerry Coleman to hear it. Preview: The "$12 billion" in assets of the bank is an integral part of the jingle.
Yes! It's hysterical.

Speaking of Pads' radio, Jerry Coleman is one thing. The other pbp guy, Ted Lightner, is entirely another. He's like a homer on speed.
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