Monday, August 01, 2005

Notes from the wire dispatches

Not much to see, not much to hear . . .

Tom Singer of pens a tribute to Frank Robinson. At least I think it's a tribute; essentially, Singer thinks that Robinson's a jerk---but, hey, that's a good thing:

He's right out of Managing 101, which says you're in it to win games, not friends. Robinson is making Bobby Valentine into Mr. Congeniality. F. Robby has rubbed more people the wrong way than a lousy masseuse. The Hall of Famer is old-schooling MLB.

He gets to people. During a crucial showdown series in Atlanta a few days ago, he got to the Braves third baseman, turning him into Chippy Jones. Larry Jones traced Jose Guillen's spikes-high slide back to Robinson, and was equally put off when he came out to protest Jay Powell's pitching motion. Powell may have balked, but Chippy Jones certainly didn't in taking a profane post-game shot at Robinson.

The only thing Robinson wondered was, Is this baseball or a tea social?

Jon Weisman of the excellent Dodger Thoughts blog provides a monthly "NL West Rotation Check." Why do we, fans of the Washington Nationals, care? Head on over to the Arizona analysis: Claudio Vargas posted a 2.01 ERA in August.

That used to be our I, Claudio. Remember him? The guy we gave up for nothing? Literally nothing?

Nope, I don't remember him, either.

The TerpSite profiles Dodgers' reliever Steve Schmoll, whose UMd career was---dare I say it?---not schmoll in the least. He's the school's all-time strikeout king; considering he's a pitcher, that's good. And he's looking for tickets for this week's series at RFK:

According to [Maryland coach Terry] Rupp, Schmoll has made attempts to scoop up any extra tickets that his teammates have for the series in order to pass them on to friends and family who wish to come out to RFK Stadium and watch him play.

If worse comes to worse, I'm sure Team Schmoll can scrounge up plenty of seven buckers.

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