Sunday, August 28, 2005


Dave Sheinin, who (if you follow the Washington Post chats, you should know this) is to Endy Chavez as Boz is to Juan Rivera, has written a long and interesting article on the sacrifice bunt for Sunday's Post.

It's very late and, as I noted, it's a long article. And I'm really tired, and I just don't think I can do the article justice if I evaluate it now. Me so sleepy . . .

Nevertheless, insofar as Sheinin did his research for this one and the sac bunt is obviously a relevant topic for fans of the Washington Nationals, I commend you to read the article. Sheinin runs a rather comprehensive gamut of opinion---from stat-dude James Click, to Frank Robinson, to Bill James (sort of a "moderate stathead" on the issue, I guess), with even a bit of Sheinin's O's-lovin' snagging a quote or two from Buck Martinez, who was fired by an anti-bunt GM.

Robinson's comments are especially fascinating.

PS: Look past the fact that Sheinin, like most sportswriters, uses the term "Moneyball" in a rather broad sense.

Once again, Bill James nails it down.
Yeah, I think his situation-specific points are pretty cogent. If we're playing the Reds and they're playing Encarnacion at third---who is good, but young and erratic---it makes a certain amount of sense to press him.
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