Thursday, July 14, 2005

So we beat on, boats against the Courant

David Lightman, Washington correspondent for The Hartford Courant, recently took a look our new Nats from the perspective of, well, a Washington correspondent. His thesis---

Even though this town is quick to embrace winners - as of the All-Star break this week, the Nationals were in first place in the National League Eastern Division, ahead of the Braves, Marlins, Phillies and Mets - the Nationals have not yet caught on with the city's chattering

---may or may not have validity. I certainly am not up in the District and at the games enough to get a good read, though I do seem to recall that the courtside political wags Lightman cites at Wizards' games (Tim Russert, as well as that bald stuttering guy who used to work for Clinton and is married to that Republican chick who sounds like she chain-smokes) frequent Nats' games, too.

Oh, and I'm quoted in the article a couple of times, too. I've now been on the same podcast as Ken Rosenthal and quoted in the same article as John Feinstein. And I once stood next to "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair in the Richmond airport. Whoooooo!

Seriously, I'd like to thank Mr. Lightman for his interest in this story and courtesy in asking me for my thoughts. Do a query on the Courant's website under "Lightman," and you'll see he's a pro's pro.

How do I get quoted in some bloody articles? Sure, most of my opinions are emotionally, rather than intellectually, based, but I write clever shit sometimes!
Basil, media gadfly.

I guess he didn't find about your ugly Phillies/Orioles affairs.
I don't know, da kine; it just sort of happens. I wouldn't take it as evidence of the quality of your blog, or mine, or anybody else's.
Basil's a multimedia whore.

He even had business cards printed up, and shipped them to papers and tv stations around the country.
'Tis true. I ever hired the same agency that produces promotional videos that buttress the Heisman candidacy of the quarterback of Wyoming and the running back from Iowa State -- just to name two -- every year.

Very influential people.
That would explain the "Basil Tsimpris has a Posse" stickers I see all around town. Very Subversive.
Dude! James Carville and Mary Magdalen are close friends of my family!

p.s. what's this podcast thingy you keep bragging about so much?

Oh yeah, I'm a big star in the internet radio/"podcasting" biz. Everyone knows it. Even Ken Rosenthal. For a quick hit, try this link:

It was quick, because they wanted to sneak Mr. Rosenthal in for a few minutes before me. In the meantime, enjoy it for the experience of listening to "Alex the Blogging Phenom," a 12 y-o who deconstructs "Moneyball" and denies he uses steroids. Alex is a bit, uh, self-assured and my relentless shilling for him caused a bit of controversy earlier.

For a longer appearance, check out my most recent with this guy from the Bay Area:

I'm a bigger star than Mickey Rooney, I tells ya.
Mary Magdalen

That's quite a nickname!
opps, that's what my dad always calls her :(
I'd always wondered how you pronounce Basil! It's a shame they didn't get joke about seven outfielders, you sounded exactly like I would in one of those all to common moments – trying to move onto the next topic as quickly as you could. :( Anyways, good stuff! I couldn't get the second link to work, all the archive links seem to lead to the current broadcast.
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