Saturday, July 02, 2005


The Harrisburg Senators are on CN8---"the Comcast network"---right now. It's the Eastern League Game of the Week, versus Trenton.

Probably not much of a chance exists to see Danny Rueckel, though; he pitched two scoreless innings last night, picking up a win.

Josh Karp is the starter for the Sens, and he's ahead, 4-1 in the fourth inning.


---> Actually, a rehabbing Zach Day got the start and surrendered one run in three innings.

---> Dutch homered! (Unfortunately, he also left the game with an injury. Harrisburg's manager---in probably the most technically-awkward on-field interview this side of Joe Torre picking his nose---said it wasn't serious. I didn't get what it actually was, but he didn't sound concerned.)

---> Dee Haynes also homered.

I watched this game for all of two minutes and saw Dutch get hit by a pitch. Think it got him near the elbow. Looked painful but not long-term dangerous. Saw a replay of his home run, too. He hit it FAR.
Thanks for the info, Carl. I turned it on in the 4th, and all the action had already occurred.

I did see a replay of the homer, though, and you're absolutely right: it was a BOMB.
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