Monday, July 18, 2005

One tired cop

Buck: "Ah, there's the creep. Come on!"

Oldski: "You go that way. I'll cut him off around the corner at the next block."

Buck: "Right."

[chase on foot]

Buck: "Damnit, Oldski. Where the hell are you?" [peers around the corner]

Oldski: [panting and half-jogging] "He's . . . too . . . fast."

Buck: "You never even made it to the corner!"

Oldski: "I got a . . . good look at him . . . though."

Buck: "As he ran right past you."

Oldski: "He was . . . fast. Ugh, my chu-est . . . "

Buck: "Should've had that one."

Oldski: "Win some . . . lose . . . some. [hunches over a bit more] Ugh."

Buck: "You know, Oldski, I think maybe you need to hit the bench some. Maybe take a desk job. I know how Millie gets worried."

Oldski: [straightening up, trying to hide discomfort, speaking with a defensive nonchalance] "Nah, Millie worries. That's just the way she is. She's a worrier. Always has been."

Buck: "Look, Oldski. All I'm saying is that maybe you can't do this job anymore. You know: everyday---out on the street."

Oldski: "That's crazy talk. Everyone knows I'm a street cop. I know I'm not a bench jockey."

Buck: "Suit yourself. But wait 'til brass hears about this one."

I can't wait for the next episode. If I know my cliches, Oldski will commit suicide when he's taken off the beat.

Oldski "But all I've ever known is being a cop!"

Captain: (sympathetically) "I'm sorry, Oldski. I really am. But this decision was made above my head. We'll need your badge and gun by the end of the day"

Oldski: "28 years on the force...28 years..."

(Note I'm not advocating suicide for Crisitian Guzman. Suicide, no. Career Suicide, yes.)
Nice thought. This screenwriter is nothing if not derivative. ;-)

I considered throwing in an "X until retirement" line, like they all have, but I just couldn't fit it in.
I just bought a boat. I named it the Live Forever.
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