Thursday, July 14, 2005

Best. Website. Ever.

Recently, I became aware of "The Road From Bristol." The concept is incredible, but it is the execution---both by the creators and by the contributing voters---that makes this site a sure bet to endure at an epic rate of entertainment from start to finish.

Stuart Scott is obviously the odds-on favorite, but look out for Joe Theismann; there's a lot of Joey T. hate lurking beneath the surface, and it's waiting to be unleashed as the tournament plays itself out. I'll add that I certainly hope Dan Patrick has something to say about this contest before it's all over.


I'm sure many are aware of this, but I was slow to catch on: Yuda-chat commenter Carl has his own blog, the Fool Blog. Today, ye Fool Blogger comments upon some really stupid FOX baseball coverage.

Well, I guess my description is entirely too generic; in this case, it had to do with an incredibly cheesy promotion.

Still not specific enough? Okay, it involved Buck & McCarver playing dumb (real stretch, right?) over some banner during the All-Star Game---when, in reality, the whole conversation was staged.

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