Monday, June 06, 2005

Where's Rocket Bill?

Same Pravda notes; different Pravda contributor (see below)

---> As noted elsewhere, Tomo Okha was fined by the Nats for showing Frank Robinson his backside during Saturday's game. No no, he didn't moon ol' Frank. Anyway, the "contempt directed toward [Robinson]" cost Okha a bit of coin; I think the Post reported it was $1,000.

Okha apparently doesn't feel that Robinson likes him, and Frobby says this goes back a ways:

"He has this thing that goes back for years that I don't have confidence in him," Robinson said. "He just thinks I have something against him personally, I guess."

Of course, note that Robinson didn't deny Okha's belief. At any rate, Robinson is the manager, and a manager must command respect; thus, fine him if you've got to.

---> Robinson, the former Punishment Czar for MLB, says a ruling on the Marlon Byrd Affair isn't imminent. Question: If Byrd is suspended for, say, 10 days, do the Nats get a free roster move to replace him? Believe it or not, I've never considered such a thing.

---> Sunny Kim and, yes, "Under Siege" Nitkowski earned their share of credit over the weekend. Nitkowski did convey a bit of an understatement, though:

"I can't afford myself to get relaxed or get comfortable," Nitkowski said. "I think I have to prove myself. I don't think I have earned a defined role yet."

---> Jose Guillen is fine; Brad Wilkerson should be back on Tuesday.

---> Small sample size alert! Ryan Church has been other-worldly on Saturday, though no doubt he converted many skeptics (heh heh) on a Sunday with yesterday's big blast. (The notes are now outdated, as Church has a Sunday homer to call his own now, too.)

---> And, finally, the reason for doing this entry in the first place:

By David Selig / [. . .] This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

I'll just let that one sink in.

Am I the only one who thinks the Ohka thing shouldn't be a big deal? Ohka needs to say something like "I was upset at being pulled from the game; I thought I could still get the outs. I apologize to my teammates and Frank for how it played out, but it only came from my desire to help the team win." End of story.

Of course, if there's back history between Ohka and Frank, it won't be that easy.
Yeah; maybe or maybe not, Carl. I got the first impression that this wasn't the first time Okha acted up on the mound with Frank, but then I didn't follow the team closely until this year.

Coincidentally, I saw a pitcher in a Triple-A game do the same thing two weeks ago. The manager there did not at all look pleased. I think it's something that you just don't do on the mound.
Ohka's got no reason to trust Frank, who pulled him for the rotation too soon, and has shown a lack of faith in other pitchers. I think he was afraid Frank was ready to toss him into the minors.

Anyone find this interesting? Guillen complaining about the fences, Byrd knocking into umps, Ohka turning his back on the manager. If the team were losing we'd all be on Frank's back for "losing the team". Winning really does create chemistry. Even among bloggers.
Winning really does create chemistry. Even among bloggers.

Sure it does. Winning covers everything else up.

I don't know if Frank would be blamed for Guillen being Guillen (Scioscia's rep is still intact), and Byrd's play was rather weird, but I get your point.

Frank is old and cranky. He is who he is. Okha's certainly been with him long enough to know that two of Frank's main modes are "arbitrary and capricious" and "rather surly."
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