Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Non sequitur

I didn't stay up for the fireworks last night. Consequently, I'm not in a position to say much on the matter---aside from the inevitable observations that if Jose Guillen were on an opposing team then we'd likely hate him, and if Mike Scioscia were the manager of our team then we might be disposed to rationalize his posture (and posturing) as a zealous defense of his pitcher.

(For more on the actual facts of the incident, check out St. Barry's gamer. For helpful stipulations, run on down to Capitol Punishment.)

It's probably not tremendously productive to excoriate the L.A. Bloggers of Anaheim in this instance; I'm sure we'll take idiotic and petty positions similar to "everybody does it" and "Frank Robinson was at fault because he's a hot-head" at some point in the future. Nevertheless, this one posted a non sequitur so unbelievable that a good old batting down is in order:

Baseball’s former director of discipline was curious about Donnelly’s glove? Great job, Frank. Where were you when all the steroid use was going on when you were supposed to be concerned about matters on the field? On the golf course?

No, silly; O.J. is on the golf course. Anyway, setting aside for a moment the slight differences in motivation between being a game manager and a league disciplinary officer, this blogger insinuates---for no other reason than obfuscation points---that Robinson should have been out, beating the bushes, investigating steroid offenders like a narc or private dick. Well:

a) that wasn't his job description; because,

b) his job was to rule on those cases referred to him; and, at any rate,

c) he took over as Expos' manager in 2002; which was before,

d) the steroid policy was agreed to in the August 2002 CBA negotiations.

But, you know, that's okay---just as long as we can score a desperate rhetorical point by wildly characterizing the opposing team's manager as a hypocrite, right?

* The guy's link won't post here because of the "?" or the "=" or whatever; anyway, here's the link:

That knucklehead Angels fan was so off his gourd I needed to give him a smackdown via comment, along with everyone else that read's this site it seems.
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