Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No, not that phrase again!

Bang! Zoom!

Well, blame DC Examiner intrepid media reporter/multi-multi-multi-Emmy winner Jim Williams, who gives an enthusiastic two botched rumors up! to Charlie & Dave:

The Z-104.1/WFED (1050-AM) duo has really come into their own, and they are a team that must be kept together as the Nationals broadcasters for years to come. Charlie [Slowes] and Dave [Shea] have become one of the best baseball broadcast teams in the league, and they have only been together since March.Everywhere I go people tell me how much they enjoy listening to Charlie and Dave. Fans are going to great lengths to hear Nationals games, from the folks in southern Virginia who have signed up for MLB Game Day Audio, to the people in Annapolis and Ocean City, Md., who e-mailed me about getting XM satellite radio so that they could hear Washington sports' "new dynamic duo."

He mentioned XM! He's talking about me!

Anyway, I agree that Charlie & Dave are a good team. If you're not familiar with them, here's a scouting report:

---> Charlie: pretty typical play-by-play guy; Jim Hunter without the ego or the whining.
---> Dave: sort of goofy, older-sounding sidekick; Fred Manfra without the horse racing.

Together, they make a pleasant tandem. They complement each other well (and compliment each other when appropriate, too); they playfully razz each other at the right times, as well. I'll speak from personal experience: I have seen two ESPN games, two live games, and the rest has been listening to the radio.

These two guys are all many Nats' fans have, including me, and it is to their credit that they have served as such an effective link to the team. I am grateful.

I'm sort of disappointed to learn from other (TV-enabled) fans that Charlie & Dave are sometimes (hopefully not frequently) wrong on certain gameplay details, such as the count. In addition, as the team has experienced much success recently, the excitement from the announcers has sounded much less spontaneous. I'm not saying they're approaching al-Yankjeera/Steinling levels of homerism, but "Bang! Zoom!" should be used more judiciously, in my opinion. It's best not to get into ritualistic winning trademark calls unless the call is undeniably excellent, and Slowes' trademark is not that. The Sunday straw poll at the park was in agreement. Brick thinks it's a silly phrase, if I recall, and Will said his two year-old daughter turns a better phrase. So there you go.


Thanks to Gray, author of a new blog,
Nationals Gallery, for pointing to Williams' column. Gray has been a busy bee today, and I like his blog already. (He also comments on the trademark issue, among other posts.) As Gray points out, the Nats lamentably have a pathetic radio network, one with absolutely no southern reach.


Bravery award? Stupidity award?

The Orioles are starting Eli Marrero in center field tonight.

XM lets me listen to games around the country. I am very thankful for XM's baseball coverage. I can once again listen to the best baseball play-by-play man in the business, Jon Miller. Vin Scully is good for 3 innings of 'Dodgees' baseball. So I have a datum for comparison.

Dave Shea is cool.

I'm not thrilled about Charlie Slowes. His voice is thin and just doesn't command the broadcast.

And when he gets excited his voice turns into an unintelligible mass of noise streaming forth, when he should be describing the events unfolding as if I were sitting at the ballpark witnessing them myself.

Bring me back home and *I* will call a better game. Mean it!
In a perfect, FCC-free world, Charlie & Dave could alternate Bang!Zoom! with some of the expression we use in Yuda's chats when things go well . In fact, having Rocket write some up for them would really set Charlie & Dave apart!
Whenever I watch the Nats games on TV I mute the TV and turn on the radio. The two are great.
Bang Zoom is a good phrase to use everytime the Nats win at home. Charlie should use it in tandem with the fireworks at RFK when they go off. But if you use it too much it gets drained of meaning. I hate it when the Yankkes win, but Sterling's "thhuhuhuhu Yankees WIN" is a good trademark for the team.
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