Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Manichean dilemma

Bad Comments + Good Performance = Cosmic Struggle

Last week, I called Jose Guillen "a little, little man" and rather strongly inferred that he too is---as he characterized Angels' manager Mike Scioscia---a "piece of garbage." I'm not about to back down from those words, in case you're wondering. Guillen strikes me as a troubled jerk; the "troubled" part engenders some empathy from me, but it's quickly run through the garbage disposal by the "jerk" part. As a consequence, my opinion of Guillen is slightly less offensive than the odor of a squished, rotting cucumber.

One cannot please everybody, of course, and Guillen's got enough fans among Nats Nation anyway.

In large measure, though, all that stuff is inconsequential, for the simple reason that decorum don't win ball games. Clean-up hitters going yard twice generally do, though, and it is in light of this truism that I readily give Jose Guillen tremendous credit and appreciation for his recent performance.

After going 17 games without a home run, Guillen has now whomped five in his past seven games. He also extracted a significant measure of revenge (though he insisted none was necessary) against the Pittsburgh Pirates, his original team (and who can keep up?), during the series. Guillen performed a veritable colonoscopy on the guys, going 8-for-14 with four homers (two multi-homer games) and six ribbies, in the three-game series. Yeah, that'll play.

So, congratulations on your on-field outburst, Jose. I do appreciate it.

Now tape the guy's mouth shut, Frank.


Podcast time!

I'll be chatting with Gill Alexander of tonight. I'll throw up the archived link when I get it. The topic of discussion: Joe Sheehan's much-maligned take on DC baseball.

I have much love for Guillen and would quickly forgive him for most non-illegal activities, but I can understand why he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.
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