Monday, June 06, 2005

I can name this tune in two notes

1. Hear the Inquirer!

Last month, I appeared on Gill Alexander's podcast. I don't know if that makes me a Proven Podcast Veteran(tm), but I just finished a short segment with the guys (sans the regular gal, apparently) of Sports Bloggers Live. If you didn't catch it live, you can listen to the archived show tomorrow, I believe; I'll provide the link when I get it, of course.

Honestly, though, don't just listen to it for my segment (which occurs at about 0:25 or 0:30 into the show). If anything, listen to it for Alex the Phenom, a twelve year-old blogger. That's right: twelve. Tonight, Alex discussed "the demise of Moneyball." Pretty sophisticated topic, especially considering many media types and old vets don't display the slightest clue what "moneyball" really is, and sometimes don't even know who wrote it (or who didn't write it).

Well, fret not for Alex. When I came on, I couldn't help but call the kid the Danny Almonte of sports blogging. It's probably not an original observation, but it's what came to my head. (It's not even a good analogy, since I have no evidence Alex isn't actually twelve.) At any rate, let's put it this way: Alex isn't really in Blackstone's league yet, but I'd wager good money he's not struggling on the Wind in the Willows essay, either. I'm telling you---you have to listen to Alex's segment. He'll blow your mind.

(Plus, he actually knows what "moneyball" is; maybe Joe Morgan needs Alex's decoder ring?)

As for the show, I had never heard it before, much less participated (obviously). It's got a definite Sports Junkies vibe to it, except compressed into an hour. The segment went by very quickly. In addition, maybe it was my cell phone, but I couldn't hear the conversation all that well. As a consequence, I mistook their banter among themselves for questions to me a couple of times.

On the whole, however, it was a really fun time. We talked about the Nats for a couple of minutes, and I tried to mention the usual suspects: Nick Johnson, Livan, how much Cristian Guzman sucks, etc. Plus, I got to listen in on a conversation with an exceptionally conversant twelve year-old. Who could ask for anything more?

Many thanks to Jamie Mottram, a/k/a Mr. Irrelevant, who sent the email that I happened to open at an opportunistic time. I spoke to Jamie this afternoon, and he's a pretty cool guy. Plus, his freshman year roommate apparently graduated the year after me from Midlothian High School. Small world, eh?

2. Meet the Inquirer!

Thanks to my blogging buddy Eucalyptus, I'll be at RFK for Sunday's game. My college friend, Will Clark, will also be in attendance. No, not William Nuschler Clark, Jr.; this Will is actually Willis Reed Clark, which should tell you a little something about whose teams he likes. Let's just say that he listened to Game Six of the '96 World Series on a car radio, out in the middle of the woods---with our campsite about 100 yards away. Be still Needham's heart.

Anyway, here's a message to any Nats fans and bloggers out there who will be at Sunday's game: I'd love to meet you. I don't want to speak for Eucalyptus (I'd imagine he wants to meet you, too), but I'll speak for Will: he really wants to meet you, too! Swing on by Section . . . well, I don't know that much yet. But I'll post more details when I learn of them.

Oh, and Let Yourself GO!

(PS: Bang! Zoom!)

(PPS: Un-bee-leev-able!)

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