Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good ol' Gill, Part II

As I mentioned yesterday, Gill Alexander and I conversed last night. The link to last night's show is here, though that might not convert, so I'll provide it at the bottom of this post, too. Also, a link to Gill's podcast page is found on my sidebar, under "Misc."

Thanks again to Gill for the time (and for being a really good host, too!), and I hope you enjoy the discussion on the Nats' run differential and the Nats' attendance (and, I should further note, how the Baseball Prospectus people and the Rand Corporation are in league with the Reverse Vampires in a diabolical plot to eliminate the meal of dinner).

The link:


As always, I appreciate your being on the show. And who knew the Prospectus was targeting dinner next? Look forward to having you on again and perhaps next time, we'll talk about your peculiar obsession with Ryan Freel ;)

Just listened to another great podcast. You discuss the TV situation at the end of the interview - quick question: I'm moving away from the area and getting DirecTV and I'll get all the Nats games now; have you thought about getting DirecTV??
I have, Scott. Probably not worth it for me now, though, since I just signed on with Comcast cable internet; keeping the cable reduces that bill. Oh, and thanks for the compliment!

Gill, if you have a team with Danny Rueckel and Ryan Freel, you're 2/25ths of the way to the pennant. ;-)
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