Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A modest proposal

So, J.J. Davis is beyond superfluous now; he's advanced to "yet another Seth McFarlane cartoon* on FOX?" status.

Earlier, I mentioned that Frank Brooks is doing pretty well at Richmond. Setting aside that everyone else's lefty reliever situation is an injury away from being just as tenuous as ours, how about:

J.J. Davis for Frank Brooks?

* The Braves are relying on Deader and Deaderer (Mondesi and Jordan, respectively), and there's not a lot of outfield depth at Richmond. The Braves could use Davis.

* Then again, they could maybe just pick him up after we've designated him for assignment.

* But then again-then again, the Braves would probably have to designate someone of their own for assignment in order to get him, and maybe that guy would be Frank Brooks.

* Or maybe it would be Wilson Betemit, a guy Jim Bowden reportedly tried to acquire at the end of spring training.

Or maybe I'm just dizzy.

[Speaking of Brooks, I occasionally score R-Braves' games for Baseball Info Solutions, and at a game two weeks ago Brooks did a spectacular reverse-somersault. I don't know if he planned it, though; he was back-pedaling, trying to back-up home plate, and he tripped on the grass cut-out running along the third base line. He landed on his rear end, and I had the pleasure of hearing him say, "Oooophf." I marked it in my scorecared as "Ouch." That's not a ringing endorsement, I know.]

* I actually do quite enjoy "The Family Guy."

The much-travelled Frank Brooks is definitely an intriguing option. If only we could start a recall movement on Bowden and install a committee of you, Chris, Yuda, Rocket, DM, and me.
If Flanagan and Beattie are called "Beatagan," I can only wonder what we'd be called. ;-)

If only last night's game had gone to a 14th inning, I might have seen Brooks.
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