Friday, May 06, 2005

In which I add two unoriginal cents

Dayn Perry is a bad wittle boy

So Dayn Perry participated in a chat at the Baseball Prospectus site yesterday, graciously allowing baseball fans, statheads, medheads, redheads, blondes, brunettes, anything with two legs or at least one . . . uh, by which I mean Prospectus cultists and, of course, disaffected Nats' fans the opportunity to converse with his exaltedness.

If you read the Nats blogs, you might have heard about the chat beforehand. Well, you probably did. Okay, you almost certainly did.

Ryan covers Mr. Perry better than anyone on the planet, and I refer you to his chat recap and observations for a more comprehensive look at a lackluster chat.

I want to focus on one aspect of the chat for a moment, and it's not even his wish "that things in D.C., generally speaking, go horribly wrong for the Nationals," really.

It's this:

Nats fans are certainly a mobilized lot. I've received more email about that one sentence (to be pedantic, I suppose it's actually not a sentence) than anything else I've ever written. So let's talk about it ... [nonsensical rambling; question/question/question] . . . See above. As for further Nats-related questions, I'll be glad to schedule a chat on
any Nats fan site/blog out there. Just contact me through the site.

You see what Perry did? He tried to arrange things in such a manner as to frame the Nats' fans (to be honest, I don't know if they were all Nats' fans, but I will assume they were) as obsessed chat-crashers. He tried to jiggle things so that it looked like he was taking the high road.

Sorry, Dayn, but that dawg don't hunt. Anyone on Team Prospectus can (try to) assess whether Erik Bedard is legit; you have written something far more specific, in an incediary fashion, with no basis for it other than to antagonize. And you complain that there's a better forum for it than your BP chat? I don't think so.

In law, we'd call this kind of thing . . . well, I was going to say "invited error," but that's something different, and this case can be concisely worded as Being a Jerk.

Perhaps I'm a bit hard on Mr. Perry here, but forgive me for my impertinence; he's just done something that always drives me up a wall. I literally can't stand it when someone acts like a jerk, offends people, and then---when he's confronted about it---passes the whole thing off with a quick "Take it easy, willya?"

Moreover---and correct me if I'm being ostentatious here---Perry had little reason to act so irrationally in the first place. Fans act irrationally; others just act like jerks. Was Perry an Expos' fan? Not that I recall. (In fact, I believe he's a Cardinals' fan; as fate would have it, that was Ryan's pre-Nats team, too.) Well, what's he so worked up about, then? Sure, he accounts for the statement as one rooted in principles of general welfare for baseball, but that's bunk. It's just a manifestation of the flippant judgmentalism that has infected the BP group in general over the past few years.

To put it another way, the one guy who had any reason to act as a spurned fan, Jonah Keri, is one of the biggest, stand-up men currently at Prospectus. As I noted in my BP05 review in March, Keri said in a BP chat that he begged off the Nats essay precisely because he was an Expos' fan. To put it more eloquently, as Yuda pointed out in yesterday's discussion:

Through all this, the only BP writer who's been professional about the topic if the Expos moving to D.C. is Jonah Keri -- ironic, given he's the one writer who's actually been injured in the whole scenario.

What, has Dayn Perry been elected as Keri's proxy complainer?

So, sorry: lamenting a horrible situation is one thing; being a jerk is another. And, if you've been a jerk, it's probably better to acknowledge that fact. You know, be a man.

Besides, real men get the women. Dayn Perrys only lust at them.*

* As reported by Ryan, Perry once fantasized about some actress in his column:

We make love to the throbbing Tejano beats of the barrio. I adore her for her swarthy charms, nasty inclinations and tamale skills. She adores my money.


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