Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Ol' Gill

Last night's podcast interview with Gill Alexander of is now up. You can find the link by directing your attention that way: -------->

I gotta tell ya, Gill's good. He guided the interview along, asked good questions, laughed at the appropriate times. Most importantly, it was a lot of fun, and I really thank him for the courtesy of inviting me on. Thanks, also, to the posters who have listened already and found the interview enjoyable and/or interesting.

Until next time . . .

Good job on the interview.
Thanks, Yuda.
I'm curious how Gill found you, etc. Fill us in!
I don't know exactly, Yuda. Someone else, perhaps the guy who runs, emailed me a week or two ago and asked if I wanted to appear. I said sure.

Then he emailed back and said Gill would be getting in touch. I emailed back and forth with Gill the day before, and then we did the interview.

I assume whatever it was that caught their attention was likely the "I am Cristian Guzman" post, because Gill asked me about it during the interview.

Very cool to have you on The Nats Podcast. Interesting stuff with the silly TV rights maneuvering. ANd, "let yourself go"...??? You have to be kidding.

Anyhow. Thanks for coming on! I had seen your stuff before, including the "I am Cristian Guzman" post, and now that we started doing interviews on the Nats Podcast, we came right at you.

I confess that I learned more about the Nats blogger community during your interview than prior to it--props to you for spreading the love.

To respond to Yuda... Any Nats bloggers / fans / shortstops *g interested in being on the show feel free to get in touch.

Looking forward to your next appearance Basil and we'll watch the blog. ;-)

Thanks again.

Thanks a lot, Sam!

I did indeed learn about you and your post initially from Sam, czar of

At that point, I entered your wacky and, dare I say, alarmingly informed world of the Nationals Inquirer and well, let's just say I needed to talk to the person who knew not only how many appearances Ryan Freel had at each position last year, but who, while researching those stats, had time to lament what he already suspected would be a letdown in "Revenge Of The Sith". Oh, and there was the little matter of a Virginia Bar Exam sprinkled in there somewhere.

Point is, while a fan of this multitasking, I really did get hooked by the "I am Christian Guzman" ad campaign remark. That first got my attention since I had the distinct pleasure of podcasting his early season slump, at-bat by painful at-bat, so it had me giggling. (Note: Sam says it got his attention, as well, but it did so independently or as the overseer of podcasters, he has earned the right to co-op his podcasters' thoughts as his own...Sam, I need a ruling)

Nonetheless, keep up the absolutely fine work. Both Sam and I are fans, for sure, and we'd love to have you back on the show in the future.

And, one last thing. Other Nats bloggers should know that you were quite generous in making a point to include them during the interview. Lest they think you've gone Hollywood on them, they ought to know that you're not only freakishly committed to your cause, but that you're gracious, as well.

Gotta run. I'm off to go track down that Western regional crosschecker scout gig.

Whoops, didn't see this last post. Thanks for your kind comments, Gill, and I'll note that "I am Cristian Guzman" rolls of the tongue more easily than "I am Maicer Izturis."
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