Monday, April 04, 2005

Wuss? Smart? You make the call

Nats make District debut before 25,453 brave, paying souls, though not me

So I had every intention of going.

I planned for it, got the okay, so to speak, from the almighty for a slight Sunday dispensation, was going to meet a few friends up at RFK, or maybe even Union Station for a late breakfast prior to the game. Then it started raining in DC, apparently pretty heavily. And one of the friends started doing one of those, "Well, I don't know . . . " kind of things. I checked, which was fairly non-commital as to rain for Sunday. The friend said he had heard on the local news ("Doug of Doom" from Channel 4, perhaps?) that it indeed was going to rain. That pretty much killed the plans. The friends in the District kind of said "Meh" about it, and while I considered going up anyway, I dreaded driving 90 minutes (and that's just from the "Go!" point, if you're familiar with Richmond, where Interstates 64 and 95 split again, and 95-North indeed goes northward; I actually live 20 or so minutes southwest of that point), plus a METRO ride, only to see "SORRY, FOLKS!" on the marquee outside the park.

Well, I guess I was duped by inaccurate information, or maybe I'm just a wuss at heart. Nevertheless, it was a fine day down here, and while I'd sit through shelling in downtown Grozny just to watch a baseball game, for some reason a blustery 45-degrees strikes me as sub-optimal.

But lot's of people did indeed attend the game. More power to you---all of you---and suffice it to say, 25,000+ on a crap day is tremendously encouraging. Then again, Baseball Prospectus has predicted that interest in DC might wane, precipitating the whole house of cards to fall, so it must be true.

Anyway, lots of folks have blogged the event like there's no tomorrow (or, rather, there was no yesterday---for 34 years, at least), and their observations and photos will go a long way toward memorializing yesterday's game in the DC blogosphere. See, e.g., Yurasko (providing a detailed account and some cool photos); District of Baseball (same); Natfanatics (big picture); Nationals Pastime (lots of linked pictures, plus John recounts taking his daughter to the game; it's cool to see a new generation of DC baseball fans emerging). See also Adubs (providing an in-game box score); Distinguished Senators (lo and behold, a Soul Patch-centric round-up!); National Cheese (recounting Charlie Brotman's struggles).

Whew! That's a lot of people, just right there! ;-)

Anyway, for all you guys do, this Bud's (or, perhaps, Miller's) for you.

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