Sunday, April 17, 2005

Vinny, Vici, Vidi

I am absolutely sure that title is not an Inquirer Original, but it exemplifies my confusion over the Senor of Sock.

He's either made a pact with Satan or is a viable candidate for the papacy. Perhaps this range of possibilities is fitting, for the one thing Vinny Castilla has not been in the past few days---maybe the only days that count for Washington Nationals' fans so far---is middling.

I'm at a loss here. Perhaps other bloggers---many of whom share my fondness for sabermetric analysis---are similarly lost.

I'm not speaking of surprise per se. I mean, sure, I'm surprised that Vinny is such a stud right now. But I'm not that surprised; anybody can do practically anything if the sample of at-bats is small enough. For all we know, Vinny! (we'll save the backwards ! for Ryan's favorite pitcher) will be back to being Vinny (deflated version) before long.

But, as the late and lamented John Ritter instructed a high school-aged Nats Inquirer in the "When There's a Will, There's an 'A' " series, we tend to remember the first and last sequences of events most prominently. (And damned if that wasn't one of the first things Ritter said!)

And, in these first few games back (and we mean BACK) in DC, Vinny's been awesome. Really studly. A man; a horse. A man-horse. One of those things.

Let's assume Vinny does drop off and drop back to what will indeed, in all likelihood, be middling status. Can I be critical of the guy now? He's put up some of the most thrilling performances of my baseball life, and I (and you, too) have seen many, many ballgames over the years. These are indelible memories.

Maybe the answer---for me, too---is a two-week moratorium.

I'll have to think about this. Maybe the ol' Inquirer is getting soft.

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