Friday, April 08, 2005

The Travis Invasion

Nationals add some guy named Travis to the 40-man roster

In the past decade or so, there's been a veritable invasion of major league pitchers named Travis. I would not say that the invasion was met with such fanfare as that which preceded the Beatles' arrival in The States; rather, the Travises more resemble cicadas---you know they're there, but ultimately, you could care less.

Well, before I tell you the Travis of whom the Nationals now own contractual rights, please answer these questions three:

1) Is our Travis:

* Travis Harper?
* Travis Phelps?
* Travis Smith?
* Travis Blackley?
* Travis Baptist?
* Travis Hughes?
* Travis Miller?, or
* Travis Driskill?

2) What is our new Travis's pitching repetoire?

3) Do you care about questions 1) and 2)?

If your answer is "No" to question 3), then you have selected correctly, and this ends our query; reveal the name I will not.

But if you must know, Capitol Punishment has his name here. Anything more, and you're own your own.

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