Friday, April 29, 2005

So unbelievable

But not in the good-natured, keyboard-laden, British*-guys-rapping sense

Excuse, Mr. Angelos? Here's some more cash for you.

Here's an observation; agree or disagree, as you're inclined:

---> 90/10 split, straight-up: maybe Angelos has MLB over a rail, maybe not; either way, looks like MLB is going for an expeditious route, rather than a tremendously equitable one.

---> 90/10 split, via Angelos selling off the 10: oh man, MLB really did give away the broadcast rights! Not loaned them; not said, "Hey, hold on to this for awhile, 'mkay." The whole enchilada! Completely! Brother, there must be a smoking gun floating out there somewhere. At least, I sort of hope there is; I know Seligula is evil and kind of dense, but I never figured he had the intelligence or negotiating skills of Homer Simpson.

as Chris comprehensively notes, how in the world is MASN valued at $750 million?

Well, there's one thing that we---bloggers, fans, decent citizens---should support wholeheartedly: every person or group interested in purchasing the Nats should resolutely make a stand that they will not in any way compensate MLB for this $37.5 million payment coming up.

---Let's face it: Chris Needham is pretty much carrying us this week. Today, he also
gives us the early break-down. Short-form conclusion? Walks** kill, man.

* During a game chatter, I somewhat infamously misidentified the country of origin for early '90s whitey rapper Snow. This time, though, I checked. EMF was definitely from England. So there . . .

** Us not drawing enough of them and the opposition being issued too many of them, of course.

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