Friday, April 29, 2005

The Rueckel Report, April 29

Rueckel Held Hostage, Day 43*

When last we checked in with Grand Master Ruckus, he was mowing down** the Eastern League, with just one blip on the radar screen---a blown save in which he allowed two unearned runs.

Since then, well . . . let's just say that Mother Nature has been cranky; the Sens have been rained out of three games and "snowed" out of a fourth. Nevertheless, Rueckel keeps chugging away:

---> April 20: Scoreless inning; didn't figure in the decision, a 9-3 Harrisburg victory.
---> April 21: Gets the Inquirer's birthday off. That's nice.
---> April 22: Didn't party down too much; instead, pitches 2.1 innings(!), allowing just one hit and striking out four(!), keeping the Senators in a game they'd eventually win in 14 innings. (Why is this guy in Double-A, must I inquire?)

And that's it. Four postponements, an off-day, and two games in which Rueckel DNP'ed, and we're caught up through lunchtime of April 29.

Season-to-date: 7 appearances, 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 3 saves; 8.1 innings, 5 hits, 2 (unearned) runs, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts.

Free Danny Rueckel!

* Days since he was demoted to minor league camp during spring training. Thanks for Brian Oliver (if I remember correctly) for the idea.
** Okay, yes; I am the propaganda wing for Team Rueckel.

Joe Horgan's looking over his shoulder!

(Assuming that his neck isn't too badly whiplashed from all the extra base hits he allowed)
Horgan'd better be!

Actually, this is the "impact closer" Bowden keeps harping about. (Well, Cordero probably is. Rueckel's our two-inning Mariano, circa '96 playoffs.)
Any word from the elder Rueckel recently?
Nope. Nothing recent.

But, as Disco Stu might say, the Inquirer works pro bono. ;-)
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