Thursday, April 14, 2005

Open thread for Big Night chat

If you're not going to the game, do the next best thing: stretch your legs to the soothing voices of Charlie & Dave and game-chat for a spell.

After all, with apologies to Marv Levy, where else would you rather be than right here, right now? (Well, aside from RFK, of course.)

Javier Vasquez 0-1, 15.43 (yikes!)
¡LIVAN! 0-1, 5.40

I'll comment here and there. I've got to check out around 9:00 for something, but fortunately XM lets me take Charlie & Dave anywhere!

This is going to be a tight game. Valquez is a tough pitcher for the Nats to face. He throws a lot of pitches off the plate. With the exception of Johnson, Valquez can put a lot of Nats in a position to chase some bad pitches. Particuliarly on opening night. The good part is that Valquez will be out of the game by the sixth because to the high pitch count.
The Diamondback are much better on the offensive side then they were last year. This is the best 3,4,5 hitters we have seen this year. If Livan can get around the meat of the order without much damage, he will be able to go deep into the game without much problem.
It is really up to the Nats to make Valquez pitch to the plate and then wait for him to implode. If the Nats can get up a couple of runs, Hernandez will take control. I really look for a back and forth game being 4-3 or 5-3 Nats.
Sounds good Hubster.

Vasquez has gotten his brained beaten in so far (e.g., in his first start, he gave up _10_ hits in 1.2 IP), so maybe that'll continue.

I suspected he was injured last year, at any rate.
Charlie & Dave say that President Bush looked warm. Dave said it was a splitter, a bit high, but a strike.

_Very_ loud ovation.
Charlie, paraphrased as best I can:

"During the course of a lifetime, there are places you go and events you see, and they define memories. And for 45,000 people in the building and many more outside of it, this is a moment that we'll never forget."


"I'm proud today to be a Washingtonian."

(Charlie: We're new Washingtonians . . . )
I would be upset at ESPN for showing the Yanks/Red Sox, except:

a) why wouldn't they? (it just makes $en$e to do so); and,
b) it would probably be blacked out, anyway.

I guarantee you I ain't watching the Birds tonight.
First pitch is a strike!
Charlie: "Remember where you are, because if you do, you'll always remember where you were."

Dave: "Profound."

Strike three! LIVAN!
Charlie needs a fact checker.

Melvin was fired after 2 years in Seattle.

And he was the bench coach in AZ for Brenly, not Showalter.
Is Livan always so slow on the mound?
Yep. He's a slow worker.
Charlie and Dave are talking about Shawn Green right now. I don't see why it's so hard to understand that the Dodgers simply didn't want to pay him a gazillion dollars.

Guzman to Vidro to Chance, er, Johnson!
Is it the angle on tv or is the ump calling the right side of the plate wider than the left?
wow, great D from Castilla
Don't guy!
Dave Shea sure got excited about it, Hubster!
I am actually shocked to see Guzman dive for a ball, very good effort
Do not mind that walk - let's see if we can shut down Green
Good call on the intentional walk.
That is way you do not tuck your shirt in
Crowd's really getting on Vasquez.
The D-Bucks have improved, but when you're starting McCracken and Clayton, you ain't winning the WS.
Vinny Castilla! I love you, Vinny!

You sort of suck, but you're definitely rocking tonight!!!!
Dave says the press box is rocking. Charlie agrees.
you are right that the D-backs are not winning anything - once you get past the 3,4, and 5 hitters; it is a pretty weak lineup

I guess I was selling them short a bit, though. Jose Cruz, Jr., I suppose, is the regular CF. He's a decent low average slugger type.



A single away from the cycle!!!
Curtain call!!!!!!
Guzman even has a hit now. Break up the Nats!
Sounds like LIVAN! completely schooled Snyder on that changeup.

(And would the D-Bucks play someone else at catcher? It's distracting; I keep on thinking that Charlie & Dave are mixing the teams up.)
Why is Zach Day warming up? Is Robinson pitch counting Livan who is at 97 pitches?
Choate looks like a pretty good pitcher for the D-backs. Hopefully, it will be for just the one inning.
I don't know, Hubster. I was going to ask the same question.

Well, I've got to move along to pick someone up from the airport. So, I'll have to shuffle along and listen to the WFED guys on XM in the car.

It was nice chatting with you, Hubster. Keep adding comments as the mood strikes you, if you wish.

And go Nats!
This blogging is better than yelling at the TV.
Perfect a AAA pitcher to finish this game out for the D-backs
What a cheap shot by the D-backs to hit Castilla. Looks like it is time to rifle on into the dugout and hopefully find the manager.
I wonder if Glaus knows he is getting hit, now
What a day. Just leaving RFK - not much more I can say.
That was great stuff.
I literally think I heard all of you---individually, mind you---booing Guzman. This is especially impressive, considering I don't know what your voices sound like. But I swear it's true.

Oh, and Lance Cormier, too.

(Wicked rippin' shame he shares a last name with Rheal Cormier, he of the awesome name.)
Sadly, it wasn't booing Guzman, it was Guuuuuuuzzzzzing Guzman.
Plenty of us were booing, actually. Myself included.
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