Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nats win! Nats win!


Aren't you glad that Charlie and Dave aren't as annoying as this no-talent ass-clown?

As for
today's game, like there was any doubt.

Okay, there was quite a bit of doubt, until the Nats blew the doors off the Bravos with a six-run ninth, highlighted by Jose Guillen's second homer of the day. Guillen's got five bombs now, by the way. To put that in perspective, that's one more than
Brian Roberts has hit. Wow!

After the game, Guillen was positive:

"I don't know what to say to you guys. When I put on my uniform and cross the white lines, I'm all about winning," Guillen said. "I going to give the best effort I can give to this team. I'm trying to help this team get better."
Way to be, Jose. As long as you don't throw stuff at your manager, things will be just fine.

Speaking of the manager, F-Robby got a little giddy towards the end. He let pinch-hitter extraordinaire Carlos Baerga play third in the ninth, and then he brought in LOOGY Joey Eischen to retire the final batter, locking down a tight seven-run game. Robinson brought out closer Chad Cordero to bring on Eischen, by the way. Curious.

But a win's a win, except when it's a resounding one---and this one was resounding.

A 5-4 road trip to open the season? Yeah, we'll take that!

Amen on the Sterling comment. His signature call makes my skin crawl.
Sterling, like Marge Schott once said of Hitler, was good at first. He just went too far.

He was tolerable back in '96 and even in '97. But then, his ego ran wildly out of control. Not only is his voice annoying, but he's horrible at describing the action. You never know what's happening, whether it's high, far and caught, or even with the strikeout was swinging or called.

And now he's paired with the voice of death, Suzyn Waldman. That's a pairing forged in the deepest reaches of hell. Dante didn't create a ring far enough down for them.
Did you guys hear the Sterling mess-up over the weekend? "It is high. It is far. It is gone! Whoops, excuse me. It's foul."

It was on Imus's show Monday morning. The "excuse me" part was hysterical, though not as hysterical as the Ball St. sports anchor. ;-)
PS: Suzyn Waldman? Every game?

Yeesh. I'm not even sure Yankee fans deserve that!
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