Friday, April 15, 2005

Is it live? . . .

. . . or Memorex?

Nationals Review blogger Josh, yesterday morning:

I got up early to watch Fox5's morning news show coverage of the Nats opener live from RFK, and was it godawful but, at the same time, exciting to watch. They have a reporter there, the Murrow-award
Holly Morris, who either downed a ton of coffee early this morning or was on crack. She interviewed some of the NatPack -- the Nats fan club -- and was so hyperactive, she was incoherent.

Washington Post writer Paul Fahri, this morning:

With so much manpower chasing relatively few facts, things got pretty silly early on. Fox5's hyper-caffeinated morning reporter, Holly Morris, was literally jumping for joy (or something) as she nterviewed "the Nat Pack," a cheerful group of young people who roam the field between innings, shooting T-shirts with a compressed-air gun into the crowd.

Even, or perhaps especially, in light of the Gammo situation this week, it's best not to toss around accusations (note: that's not what I'm saying "Dodger Thoughts" did, by the way). So I certainly won't do that. In addition, the likelihood of a blog-to-paper lifting is substantially more remote than a paper-to-paper scenario, even though Nationals Review has indeed hit the big-time. Furthermore, it's not as if Fahri copied or obviously lifted the Morris observations, which may have been fairly obvious in their own right.

Nevertheless, the two passages do bear a little bit of a resemblance (I take "or something" to impy---jokingly, of course---drug use, by the way), and I thought that was a little bit interesting.

But, to be clear, not a lot interesting.

I would bet it was coincidental, even though we do get hits from the Post servers. (That said, I worked over at the last year, and I have a couple friends who still work there and read the site.)

More likely, though, Holly Morris is so blatantly hyperactive -- it's hard not to reach that conclusion. Paul Farhi's a long-time Post reporter (and, despite his liberal leanings based on his online chats, a pretty good one) and I'd doubt he'd intentionally crib from Nationals Review.
Yeah, I would be pretty surprised, honestly, if it wasn't coincidental.

(And, by the way, if I thought it wasn't---and I consequently felt that this was worth presenting in a more convincing manner---I definitely would have notified you guys before posting. That would have only been right, I think.)
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