Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Thoughts Friday

Well, it is a heck of a day to set aside for so-called happy thoughts, but I committed to it

There were a number of ways I mulled commenting upon this television deal, which if it is not precisely abhorrent at first blush then it is remarkably unsatisfying. But, as you know, I'm constrained by the Happy Thoughts Friday format.

---Initially, in light of April Fool's Day, I was going to link to the Post article, then---on the off chance that people don't actually follow the links---declare that the article clarifies an earlier scrivener's error:

Nats, not O's, to claim 90% equity in RSN; O's still on hook for 100% of operating losses

But sheesh, that's kind of mean, you know? And "mean" does not comport to the Happy Thoughts Friday format.

---Alternatively, I was going to farm out this space to a guest columnist today. In fact, I already had one in mind; he calls himself "Pissed Off Paco." He was going to scream incoherently for approximately 1,500 words, intermingling cogent points like "Hey, DuPuy, you pansy: When you're DC, it sure as hell ain't effin' satisfying that your media take-home is competitive with Phoenix effin' Arizona!"

But then, I figured, does it make any difference from whom the unhappy thoughts on Friday originate? The custom---or I guess it's really a rule---should apply to the blog itself, not the blogger(s).

---So, here's what I'm gonna do: I'll toss out a linky to Boz's soothing take. And it is quite soothing indeed; read it while gripping a stress ball and listening to "Smooth Operator." All those happy thoughts will reemerge and carry you to the weekend.

---A couple more items, and they're not unhappy: I might have mentioned it before, but in light of last night's review of Baseball Prospectus 2005, it's worth noting again that Nats Blog took an earlier look at the Barry Bonds comment in the book. This ties in nicely with Nationals Review's look at a couple of steroids-related columns that are interesting reads. Nats Review, like Nats Blog (capitalized) and some other Nats blogs (not capitalized), is emerging from some spring training r & r, and there's lots of interesting stuff there, including a provocative picture of the Spanish prime minister reenacting a quick but noteworthy Harrison Ford/Carrie Fisher exchange from Return of the Jedi. Ooh-la-la!

Also, 2005 season previews are coming out now, of course, but few are as expertly, exhaustively, or lyrically composed as those submitted by Ryan and Chris. Enjoy!

And may all your Fridays be happy.

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