Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Go crazy, folks, go crazy!

(Gracias, Reuters)

Nats 7 16 0
Phils 3 6 2

In a rather timely article, The Rocket reported that Jose Guillen wasn't feeling so well during Monday's opener; he had the flu. But thanks to antibiotics (for the flu? really?) and an off-day, Guillen was mucho optimistico for Wednesday:

"The day off really helped me a lot. I needed to rest. I feel good today," Guillen said. "Hopefully, I don't swing like a little girl like I was the last few days. I had the flu pretty bad. It's something I don't want to
talk about. Opening Day, I felt horrible."

With apologies to all the girls out there (I love you all), there existed no chance that Guillen's swing would be mistaken for that of a girl tonight. Guillen went 2-for-5 with the eventual game-winning homer---that surprised the heck out of the Nats' play-by-play guy--- in the decisive four-run eighth inning. Nice scoop, Rocket Bill. Oh, and thanks for the homer, Jose.

The undisputed star of the game, though, was Brad Wilkerson, who won a prestigious award within a nanosecond of the game's conclusion. Hell, he was being praised in real-time. Way to go, "The Wilk"!

Oh yeah: Nats win first ever game, at least as far as these Nats are concerned, film at eleven.

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