Sunday, April 17, 2005

First impressions

Two thumbs up: nice time at park; nice Choate-job

There are several reviews out there (including three at one site!), so I won't make my impressions from my experience at RFK Stadium on Saturday night too comprehensive, just one for each inning:

1) The park is fine---a little old and grungy, yes, but it has character. I know that this sentiment is not grounded in any kind of reality, but I'd love if the Nats just kept playing at RFK. There are so many new parks nowadays, that I have a hankering for a simple, Sixties, multipurpose joint. The Old Navy Yards (my favorite contender among names) will be great, I'm sure, but RFK is just fine with me.

2) The crowd was loud, especially during the seventh inning explosion.

3) The crowd was extremely knowledgeable. I was wondering about this, considering DC hasn't been a "baseball town" in quite some time. But, just listening in on a sampling of conversations around our seats, there were more than enough savvy comments and observations. (Maybe they were all Primates, and I just didn't know.)

4) The crowd was, perhaps contrary to the Washington Post and Sports Illustrated articles on the subject, seemed rather diverse to me---more diverse than in, say, Baltimore or Atlanta.

5) The scoreboard operator has a serious drug problem. To say nothing of a few occasions of getting the count wrong, for a moment during the bottom of the seventh (before the Nats opened the floodgates), the main scoreboard had the score 7-7, with both teams throwing no-hitters, or something similarly silly.

6) There's perhaps nothing cooler than seeing Nick Johnson drop down an absolutely perfect bunt; there's perhaps nothing funnier than watching him beat it out for a single.

7) Vinny!

8) Damn concessions. The Beer Guy apparently has no love for Section 518. I drew a short straw. Wouldn't you know that Vinny hit his homer while I was making one leg of a beer run?

9) Lasting impression of the night: A guy is sitting a row or so behind me. His cell phone rings. He answers and says, "Hey. Can I call you back later? I'm at the ballgame." Then he hangs up. Awesome! A baseball town, yes, but not the insufferable, yuppy type. Imagine that; the guy just wanted to enjoy watching a ballgame!

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