Monday, April 11, 2005

Bring me the head of Selig on a bloody, smelly, festering pike---and then have a dog with a two-week-old urinary tract infection piss all over it

The following message appears on my cable television screen, where the Nats-Braves on TBS should be:

Due to Major League Baseball, tonights [sic] game has been blacked out in this area. Scheduled programming will resume after conclusion of the game.

$%&@@!!$%%!!!! you, Selig! Go $$%@@$I#$$ yourself, Angelos!

This never used to happen. NEVER. When the O's and Braves would play interleague games, the games weren't blacked out in my area, Chester-frigging-field County, Virginia.. NEVER, EVER. Hell, last season, our cable provider, Comcast, piped in ALL of the O's TV games, i.e., even the local games that weren't part of the Comcast SportsNet package. No, none of our local television stations picked them up. Instead, Comcast just put 'em on one of the five iterations of the TV Guide Channel.

In other words, we got ALL of the Orioles games. By comparison, what does this mean? Down here, we'll get NONE of the Nationals' games on television? Will they black out the precious few ESPN and FOX games, too?

Well, this is a real kick in the ass. I just went out to dinner and timed my return specifically to tune into the Nats game. Nothing. They even fooled the Richmond Times-Dispatch; the sports page says, "Yep, game should be on tonight." Nothing.

Hell, we're not even that important, down here in Richmond. There's only a million people here, and that includes Petersburg. There's only a couple or three or four Fortune 500 companies with headquarters here. It's a fine city, yes, but what in the HELL are you guys doing blacking US out? Do you want to kill ANY interest in MLB here?

What a friggin' how-do-ya-do.

Well, having watched that game myself, consider yourself lucky it was blacked out. Ugly, ugly stuff.
True. . . .

But I'd rather wish for Selig's death (figuratively, of course . . . yeah---figuratively).
Well, the way I see it, there's three teams with an interest in the Richmond area.

It would be very unusual for the Braves to try to increase interest in their team by blacking out their own games, so we can probably assume it wasn't their doing.

If the Nats had a cable deal, instead of broadcast, I could see where they might have done it -- but they don't, and as there was no broadcast for them to be competing with, I don't think it was their doing.

That leaves Angelos. He probably thinks he has something to gain by making sure the Nats aren't seen on TV in the Richmond area. Plus, I remember growing up outside Philadelphia, whenever the Phils and Braves played, the game would be on both the Phillies channel and TBS.

I'll bet that, when we play the Cubs, the game is blacked out on WGN. But check if/when the Orioles play the White Sox -- that one will be on WGN.
Apparently, it could be a Comcast thing. According to a Richmond blog, the game was on in a suburb that uses Adelphia cable.
Oh, Comcast are greedy bastards.

They play all kinds of games with keeping the Phillies' broadcasts off of and satellite because they grandfathered in some clause that applied to PRISM from back before Comcast bought them (apparantly PRISM was broadcast solely over land-cables and therefore they didn't have to share).

Further, Comcast cable, in every market I have experience with, keeps raising prices while reducing TV options and providing crappier and crappier customer service. I'd rather not have cable than pay them (and, in fact, I don't have cable because they're my only option).

Cancel your service. Get DirectTV -- it's cheaper anyway these days.
Yeah, I've thought about it, Yuda. Then again, today's Richmond paper seems to indicate that satellite is as affected as (Comcast) cable. I'm just thoroughly confused now.

Besides, Comcast argues oh-so-persuasively via its testimonial commercials that sticking a pole in the ground is a more complicated task than man was created to achieve. ;-)
Pole in the ground my ass. If you get DirecTV (or some satellite), make the installation guy haul his ass up onto the roof and put it where it belongs. Doesn't cost you any extra and you get better reception.

I should probably note at this point, though, that we don't have sat TV either. Just over-the-air.
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