Monday, April 11, 2005

Bodes is now

GM is on the Jim Rome show right now.

Yeah, I know; it's Jim Rome. Nevertheless, I listened to the interview. Here's a quick transcript, for those who care. Just the record; not much interpretation:

Rome: Hey, what's it like being Washington's GM?

Bodes: It's a historical, exciting challenge. I like challenges.

Rome: How hungry are the locals?

Bodes: It's incredible; lots of enthusiastic politicans and fans.

Rome: What's different, DC then and now as baseball town?

Bodes: A lot. First, there's the difference financial aspect of market. It's No. 1 revenue-per capita, etc. [Ed: Never got to No. 2 or 3, or whatever.]

Rome: What's it like coming back as GM? Does a GM have a lot more power now? [Ed: Compared to when? Mid-2003?]

Bodes: Well, there's lots more publicity, but the job is maybe not more important now than then. It's a big challenge; lots of hours. Every GM has different job; take Dave Littlefield v. Brian Cashman.

Rome: What was it like working for Marge Schott?

Bodes: An adventure: She had a bad side, a good side. She opened purse strings sometimes, but sometimes didn't for petty reasons. Bowden then joked about writing a book about Schott that woudl sell lots of copies.

Rome: Orioles v. Nationals? Are the O's the enemy?

Bodes: No, want them both to succeed in their marketplaces. Share same TV deal, same marketplace. [Ed: Well, is it the same market or not, Jim?]

Rome: Root for both, or make a choice?

Bodes: That's up to individual fans.

Rome: You're an aggressive trader; are you frustrated by what you can't do here?

Bowden: Obviously yes. It's a small market. Phillies have $50M+ in payroll on us. So it's a challenge, a lot of fun; you have to take more chances, and younger players get more opportunity. Bodes likes challenges (like the ESPN gig).

Rome: So there's no margin for error?

Bodes: No, but I've never worried about job security. Had a day-to-day contract with Schott at one-time. I ask what can I do to help franchise long-term, no matter how long I'm around.

Rome: This team reminds you of '99 Reds?

Bodes: Yes, in one aspect: Really good young players (a la Cameron/Pokey/Casey). But don't know when potential will translate to performance. But we've got lots of young players who can be really good, like Schneider/Wilk/Guillen/Guzman. Disadvantage: Toughest division in NL. Good pitching, high payroll.

Rome: What about Guillen? (Scioscia was on last week, apparently, and dug into Guillen)

Bodes: Last year, he put it together on field. He's had anger management. He's an emotional guy. He wants to win. He wants to play; doesn't want to be pinch-hit/run for. And lots of emotional guys stabilize at 28/29.

Well, that's it.

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You deserve an award just for listening to that dung.

Rack it!
Are you kidding me? It was an honor to listen to Jim Bowden speak. Just ask Jim Bowden. ;-)

[In addition, Rome seems to be on this kick of replaying Ashlee (sp?) Simpson's awful performance at the Super Bowl/NBA All-Star game/I forget which, including the boos from the crowd. That's funny.]
My wife works with Jason Samenow (founder and "manager" of Capital Weather). I have her give him shit whenever the weather's bad for me. ;)
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