Thursday, April 14, 2005


It's not a cliche; it's a fact!

Blogger's performing, uh, inefficiently at present, so I'm going to take the road Needham traveled and mainly just say "Hello!" to DoB and WWN.


---> I like the name "Armed Forces Field."

---> Check out Mayor Baseball's (along with Jack Evans) apologia re: the TV deal. Money quote?

The truth is, Angelos has owned broadcast rights for this entire region since 1993. To try to unilaterally shoehorn the Nationals into the Orioles' Washington and Maryland TV market would certainly have brought a lawsuit -- an outcome that would have made fans the losers.

Ballgame to Angelos?

Anyway, it's a fine defense, justification, rationalization, etc. There's no spelling or grammatical errors, and the sentence structure is nice, too. This paragraph does sort of bother me, though:

As it stands, the $21 million due the Nationals is more than what's earned by 17 other teams -- not bad when you consider that the Nats were at rock bottom just 12 months ago: In Montreal, where they last played, they didn't even have a TV deal.

No, not bad at all---until you consider that the DC market isn't any old market. It's big and has got money. Unless my read of the situation is incorrect, MLB bargained away future economic growth for some quick and stable cash now. In other words, BudCo. wanted out quickly. Even though Williams & Evans are correct (I suppose) in asserting that this deal will enable the team to be competitive immediately, I think it's rather apparent that the Seligulans are motivated to find an expeditious causeway, rather than an altruistic one. They want to be paid back in full, seeing as they're greedy bastards, so we'll have to see what happens next week when the Showcase Showdown resumes.

And finally,

---> To everyone attending, I hope you have the time of your life---or something closely approximating. And, please, don't boo---don't boo Cropp, don't boo Bush if you'd normally be so inclined, don't even boo Antonio Osuna. (Especially Antonio Osuna; it was the poor guy's birthday on Tuesday! Thanks to Eucalyptus on that one!) You're classy people; remain that way.

This is a totally unrelated topic and might not be a big deal at all, but there's evidence pointing to possible plagiarism, or at least liberal copying, of another writer's work in an sidebar that bears the name of Peter Gammons. Whether it was Gammons himself or one of his famous "editors" (remember back in 1998, when he was still at the Globe, and he defused a line that upset Buck Showalter and Jerry Colangelo by blaming the thing on bad editing?), who knows---maybe it was the latter. Anyway, here's the Baseball Primer discussion on the topic, too.

[UPDATE: Gammo apologizes for an apparent error on his part.]

One more thing: Even though he's a local, I don't follow D'Angelo all that much. But it's worth mentioning that he was busted about five football fields away from my house. File that one under "Brush with greatness, celebrity arrest"!

I'll boo who the hell I want!

I booed Castilla on Opening Day. I can boo Guzman when he DPs today ;)
Oh yeah, good point. I meant ceremonially. Once the game starts between the white lines, though . . . ;-)

Or like Maury "Boondoggle" Brown said on BPG, boo Bush if he throws a wild pitch.
How about a "double switch" chant?
I can't believe we're this far into the season without a farkin double switch. That just floors me.
So true. This is the National freakin' League.

Here's a catch-all to bootstrap all issues, guys: "WAKE UP FRANK, WAKE UP FRANK."

Well, that might be a St. Claire-intensive one. There's always---


if you want to communicate with the big guy directly.
I'm sorry. I might not be able to stop myself from booing Cropp.
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