Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Your call is very important to us . . ."

Well, I made the call

I called the O's a little later than I intended; I got rear-ended on the way to work this morning, so I arrived late and a bit out of sorts, at that. But I did call.

I thought it would be a nice twist if I identified myself as a long-time O's fan (which is true) and laid out that, while I will root/root/root for the Nats, I still plan to support the O's as well (which is also true).

Response: "Your call is very important to us, and . . . "

I missed the rest, to be honest. Oh well.

---Speaking of which, DCRTV Dave is on the case; talks are apparently "taking place." Also, DCRTV's mailbag has the text of a letter Marion "***** set me up" Barry wrote to Dissemblor, a/k/a Bud Selig. It's a good letter, to be honest; here's a portion:

I am writing to express my profound amazement regarding Major League Baseball's negotiations involving the television broadcast rights for the
Washington Nationals. I am advised that Major League Baseball (MLB) is still considering an undisclosed deal to transfer the television broadcast rights to Baltimore Orioles' owner Peter Angelos. If this is true, it would mean that MLB endorses transferring tens of millions of dollars out of the District, weakening our new baseball franchise, and in all likelihood increasing what direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and cable TV viewers have to pay to watch the Nationals' games. Mr. Angelos and the Orioles have benefited for decades from Washington's fan base and television viewing audience. [. . .] You have insisted that taxpayers should bear the burden and risk of a new $600 million stadium, yet at the same time you are empowering Mr. Angelos to take away a tool that is essential to the new team's financial viability. In the free-agent era, no team can succeed if it has to, in effect, transfer tens of millions of dollars a year to a neighboring team. [. . .] In my judgment, enough is enough. Washington D.C. and its baseball team should be treated like every other MLB city. The Nationals should control their own TV rights the way every other team does. There is no reason that MLB should force D.C. taxpayers and the new team to put its financial health on the injured reserve list just to satisfy the protests of a neighboring team owner who never wanted baseball in the Washington D.C. area to begin with. Sincerely, Marion Barry, Councilmember, Ward 8

Wow, the Nite Owl and I are on the same page on an issue. When I mention this tomorrow, I will not even utilize character assaination. Good find.
Aw, come on . . . just a little character assassination, please? (Maybe just a stray "b**** set me up" slam?)

Anyway, I usually check DCRTV, but I got these via the Ballpark Guys forum; these guys are really, REALLY on the ball.
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