Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Story? Not a story?

Overheard this morning drive on ESPN Radio (XM No. 140, for those scoring at home)

Mike & Mike had on assignment reporter Mark Schwartz (insert "Space Balls" joke . . . now), who broke (?) the story that analysis of the subpoenaed documents delivered by MLB to Congress might indicate that the new steroids policy lacks the teeth it was advertised to have. Specifically, instead of a 10-day suspension (and de facto outing) on a first offense, the possibility exists that there exists the option of the suspension or a $10,000 fine (presumably a hush-job).

Two possible implications emerge, if this is true:

1) Bud Selig---brace yourself now---misrepresented the contents of the new agreement publicly; or,
2) Bud Selig---again, get ready for a shock---is so incompetent that he and his negotiators cannot signed an agreement that had not been thoroughly scrutinized.

Or, third, congressman Davis is blowing smoke. That’s possible, too.

Anyway, I have no idea if this still is a story (haven't had a chance to tune into ESPN Radio at the office), but the smart, twirpy Mike (not the goofy, chubby Mike) was really making a fuss over this, using the ol’ "journalistic restraint" card ("Now, I’m just asking the questions; I’m not accusing Baseball of lying here . . .") so heavily that he sort of threw his weight toward "big story."

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