Thursday, March 03, 2005

Rack 'em

So, the Nats won yesterday, huh?

---Unfortunately, about the time Jose Guillen was performing the Heilman Manuever to right, I was sitting in the doc's office, reading this. (No disrespect to the publication itself, or to the people it promotes, but . . . it ain't baseball, you know?)

Anyway, I really wish I could have seen the game. The other night, when the WaPo reporter called, I mentioned how very cool it was to see Brad Wilkerson stride to the plate in a Nats uni. Keep in mind I was talking about a freakin' video game.

Hey, I just discovered this! It's like a personalized, Nats-ized version of a gametracker. I don't know if Rich intends this to be a regular feature, but he certainly gets a BIG E for "effort."

---During the game, Tom Boswell did an online chat. One of the questions he received read (note location):

Richmond, Va.: Tom, thank you for keping this dream alive. Washington ought to declare today "Tom Boswell Day." . . . I also hope a Boswell book is forthcoming on the rebirth on D.C. baseball; your columns of late have been poetic.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the author of that question was not me.

---Fresh off the "presses" from today's "Frankly Speaking" on Nats Journal:

The key is the top of the lineup. If we're going to score and be consistent those two guys [Endy Chavez and Cristian Guzman] have to -- or whomever is hitting up there 1-2 -- we'll have to get on base on a consistent-type basis.

That little caveat should ease a bit the concerns over the "Inning-Endy PLUS Guzman??!!" at the top of the order concern/outrage. Just a bit, concededly.

---Terrmel Sledge is a long way from Rodney Dangerfield status (first of all, Terrmel's still alive), but this little note also found in "Nats Journal"---when viewed in light of his situation as perhaps/probably bench-bound--- might yield some "Can't get no respect" jokes:

No surprises in today's lineup against Bethune-Cookman. Well, maybe one. Terrmel Sledge is leading off. No, it's not because Frank Robinson projects him as a lead-off hitter. It's because he initially forgot to put Sledge in the lineup today, someone noticed the oversight, and he just stuck him in the top spot.

Note that all he's looking for is a 'consistent-type' basis. Them's weasel words if I've ever heard them!

I might be able to get you a discount on that faux leather bomber from the magazine. Just let me know!
Really? Cool. ;-)

I'll be looking like Ted Williams in old WWII footage in no time!
Really? Cool. ;-)

I'll be looking like Ted Williams in old WWII footage in no time!
Do you want the one with or without the built-in hernia truss?

Sadly, I'm pretty sure that's an option ;)
Throw in a utility belt/pill dispenser, and we've got a deal! ;-)
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