Thursday, March 03, 2005

The other dugout

Just for kicks, I checked out what Mets bloggers said about yesterday's first game

Taking a quick lay of the land . . .

---Fear and Faith in Flushing quipped about the irony of a Washington team pitching a guy named "Hinckley" and said some other things, including:

Speaking of which, the Washington Nationals, with Hinckley on the mound, Booth behind the plate and three lone gunmen in the outfield, are, like the Junior League, in existence. Nineteen times a year they will be a federal pain in the ass.Every time I think about the Expos in the abstract, I feel terrible that they're no longer among the living. Then I look at the team they've become, which is still very much the Murderer's Row from Montreal, plus
a couple of hired guns, and I shudder. The Mets could never handle the Expos particularly well. The rest of the world saw a ragtag franchise that made one post-season trip in 36 years. We saw a team full of anonymous killers and we needed the 1,197th and final game of our all-time series with them to emerge victorious. Final score: Mets 599 Expos 598.

Oh, and there's also an Endy Chavez reference to warm our hearts:

Who's the quintessential Expo-cum-National vis-à-vis the Mets? Endy Chavez. Endy Chavez was a Mets minor leaguer mindlessly dispatched by Steve Phillips while he was presumably eyeing Sheila in accounting. Endy Chavez is a lifetime .264 hitter against everybody, a lifetime .330 hitter against the Mets. Endy Chavez is my own private Vladimir.

---The Eddie Kranepool Society took a "Hey, it's baseball!" posture:

Yeah I know the Mets lost to the Nats today in the first spring game of the year, but how great was it, with the remnants of Monday's Nor'easter slowly melting, to turn on the TV at 1:00PM and see baseball? Even Swarmy Steve Philip's ugly face couldn't put a damper on the moment.

---Simply Amazins, touching a similar theme, notes that everything is "new" during spring training:

The optimistic side of me is hoping that, several years from now, I can look back and see this as the time when the fortunes of the Amazins finally took a turn for the better.Yesterday afternoon, the "new Mets" took the field wearing new uniforms, against the Washington Nationals, a team with a new home. So there was plenty of change to go around. I only pray that their new duds, a sweet-looking black & blue combo, don't foreshadow the disabled list of the 2005 Mets. They didn't win their first exhibition, but there were plenty of promising highlights during the game. While an immediate drubbing of the opposition would have been exhilirating, they still showed signs that there are plenty of reasons to keep the faith.

---Finally, No Joy in Metsville must be the Bizarro Basil:

A few weeks [ago] I wondered what excuse I'd use for playing hooky from work today to watch the game, but I must've jinxed myself because I'm
legitimately sick.

There are many more Mets blogs, of course, but the several of them I scanned either had just Mets-related notes from the game or hadn't been updated yet.

The important point, I think, is that nobody (that I saw) bemoaned simply losing to the Nats (e.g., "OMG! We lost to the Nats! Pass me that grape Kool-Aid, Jim!").

Hey, we've arrived.

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