Monday, March 14, 2005

On the field, off the field

Just a little Monday morning (well, early-afternoon) LOOGYing

On the field:

Uh oh---Jose Vidro hypextended his right elbow. (He's day-to-day, so Brendan Harris's big break must come another time, I guess.)

---Hey, hey, Esteban L-O-I-A-Z-A! He pitched pretty well again (five innings, two runs, no walks and four strikeouts). Details in the article linked directly above.

By bye, Endy? Maybe so; see Capitol Punishment for all the breathless details of "EndyWatch" (as well as a good, serious analysis of where we go from here).

BMOC. Jon Rauch, the 6-foot-11 up-and-comer in Nats camp, is pushing for the final rotation spot. Consider the linked article the yang to Saturday's ying concerning incumbent Zach Day's spring troubles so far.

Off the field:

I'm in the Post. Well, quoted that is---as are some Nats fan-clubbers. (My quotes are on the second page of the linked article.) Thanks to David Fahrenthold for contacting me and making sense of whatever I said when he interviewed over the phone; I was really looped on a powerful antibiotic and a decongestant at the time. Anyway, it's a nice article on the Nats in the video game world. (I'm not a big gamer, by the way; thus, I think it's entirely my fault that Nick Johnson is stinking up the joint in my league.) I must disagree with Chad Cordero (see second page), though: "RBI Baseball," at best, rates a distant third to "Baseball Stars" and "Bases Loaded" among late 80s Nintendo baseball titles.

Hail to the buff, hail to the blue! GW wins its first A-10 tourney title, is set up against recently-hot Georgia Tech in Music City. This is pretty big for a GW alum; it's been six years since the last appearance by the Colonials in the Big Dance (and that was a humiliating loss to Indiana). Expect an "On being a GW basketball fan" post before Friday's first round (and, likely, only round) game. Read it if you care.

---Hey, how 'bout that . . . There's another steroid probe goin' on; insofar as it involves an NFL team, though, I guess no one really cares right now.*

---William World News takes a look at the Nats caps, as compared to the caps of other "new" teams. Conclusion: Not bad; not bad at all.

---Long live Barry Svrluga! Barry's back bloggin'; we learn that Brad Wilkerson is a big bracketologist---albeit one with split loyalties.

* Linked article might not work. Try here, too:

Long live Barry indeed ... First day back and he's already logged four entries - none of which starred himself. Even the shout-out to Sheinin in his first entry was classy - and, IMHO, completely overshadowed by the pointer to Dan Steinberg's ACC Journal (which I missed entirely but enjoyed in retrospect at Barry's recommendation). Sheinin's spent too many seasons in the Court of King Angelos - off with his head! Good riddance to bad blogging ...
Barry's Back! What a great screen name!

Anyway, I'll have to check out that ACC Journal. If Barry recommends it, it's gold. Just like Panera Bread.
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