Wednesday, March 16, 2005

If things don't go your way, . . .

. . . just keep complaining until your dreams come true

As I've noted here previously, the Nats, whether they know it or not, hold the distinction of attracting the attention of not one, not two, . . . well, okay---two bloggers. But two bloggers, both from a fairly small and innocuous suburb of a moderately sized DC-junior? That's pretty impressive.

Okay, it's not all that impressive. But it's something. Well, it's probably just coincidental. Never mind.

Anyway, the other Midlo-Nats blogger is Rich Tandler of Capitol Dugout. And, as mentioned previously, the Richmond Times-Dispatch printed a letter Rich wrote a couple of weeks ago, calling out the T-D for more Nats coverage.

Shazam, Sgt. Carter!

Either: a) Rich is very persuasive, b) Rich's letter wasn't the only one the T-D received, or c) the T-D had something planned (most likely). Whatever the impetus, the T-D made up for the paltry coverage and then some, sending columnist John Markon down to lovely Viera.

The T-D's baseball coverage---aside from that of the hometown R-Braves---isn't exactly sophisticated. The only major sport it covers less extensively than MLB is the NBA. But when the T-D devotes local column space to MLB, the source is usually the R-Braves' beat writer or Markon.

Markon's fairly baseball savvy---I recall him citing Bill James as early as 1993---and gives the Richmond readers a pretty good run-down of what to expect from the Nationals. There's the occasional factual error (Brad Wilkerson drove in 67 runs last year, instead of 77), but in general, Markon gives Richmonders all the relevant Nats issues to consider (Endy's OBP; Johnson's health; Ian Desmond's spring brilliance; the team actually having a home)---plus, as an added bonus, throws in a "Moneyball" reference in which he: a) did not make a snide remark, and b) defined exactly what he means by a "Moneyball player." Well done, good sir.

So, keep plugging away there, Markon; this town'll be part of Nats Nation before we know it.

---Bravo to the Nats Fan Clubbers who rallied today against the potential for taxation without representation.

---No Nats game tonight, apparently. I was going to tune in on XM Radio Channel 185, but what I got was the Braves' studio show (now with Mark Lemke!) and a regretful tone concerning the weather. While I have the moment---and while there's not much of interest going on, except that Endy Chavez decided to throw a walk into his stats pack and that Jon Rauch is still really, really tall (and Japanese, apparently)---well, while I have the moment of time, I might as well thrown in some observations from a few days of spring trainin' listenin' on X:

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