Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ball game

Almost. Tomorrow's only a day away.

The Post's Nats Journal has the starting nine:

1. Endy Chavez, center field
2. Cristian Guzman, shortstop
3. Jose Vidro, second base
4. Jose Guillen, right field
5. Brad Wilkerson, left field
6. Vinny Castilla, third base
7. Nick Johnson, first base
8. Brian Schneider, catcher
9. Tony Armas, pitcher
* Mike Hinckley will relieve Armas after two innings.

Bill Grant has also posted some excerpts of Frank Robinson's press conference this morning. One of them is interesting, and I'll let it speak for itself (see below for why):

[Terrmel Sledge] just does everything that a manager would want a player to do, especially in his situation. He's in a tough situation right now. He's ready to start at the big league level. But right now, he's in a situation that he has no control over. He has to be, as we say, patient. And that's not easy to do. It's easy to say, but it's not easy to do. But I think he can handle it. He did last year, and I think he can handle it this year. He'll have his day. Much sooner than later.

---I'm completely out of anything substantive to say about the lineup or the presumed Endy/Terrmel/Nick playing-time-love-triangle (which I guess is nearing an end), but I figured I'd link to Nationals Pastime John's exploration as to whether "Inning-Endy" will in fact be an apt nickname for our man, Endy Chavez. In addition, Capitol Punishment Chris provides a good look at the bench candidates. (Also read his review of the Negro Leagues exhibit at Union Station.)

---Let's play "Who do you trust?"

Joe Sheehan, Baseball Prospectus (on the three stories no one is talking about now but will be at the end of '05):

2) The Nationals aren't a cash cow.

Poster "NatsforMe" on the Ballpark Guys forum:

On ESPN Radio this morning, Peter Gammons -- i[s] talking about the Nationals' buzz -- said Washington was #2 in merchandise sales (behind

Obviously, there's more to life than merchandise sales (e.g., media rights), but it's an interesting contrast nonetheless.

I've been thoroughly disappointed in BP over the last few months. Maybe it's just the offseason malaise, but if I hadn't re-upped for two years last winter, I don't think I'd have extended my subscription again.
I didn't. BP this offseason has been an absolute joke.
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