Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And all the people say amen

Preach it, Post.

The previous post---the Sledge/BP post---got eaten up; well, its first version did. It was much longer. (Go figure.) In addition, it linked to this WaPo editorial, which is required reading for anyone who cares about the Nats, televised baseball, or just MLB in general.

Along those same lines, William World News (it just dawned on me that he's "WFY"---although I'm almost ashamed to admit it) is calling of us out to turn the temperature up on everyone involved, including our buddy Petros in Bal'mer:

You may have seen earlier today that I am renewing Jim Williams' call to contact the Orioles and ask Peter Angelo$ to stop obstructing a television deal for the Nationals. I just did my part, being polite of course, though I do not think the fellow on the other end appreciated the call, but he listened to me, which I appreciated.My fellow bloggers, I ask that you also use your sites to incite others to heed this noble call. If someone out there wants to put together a script for us to use, so much the better. There must be some campaign veterans out there who can chip in. Remember, the main number is (410) 685-9800. They are open 8 to 5 daily. Don't forget to be nice, even though it is hard. Let me know how it goes, too.

I'm a bit skeptical as to how effective this campaign would be, but---as the cute little kid from those "People PC" commercials during the 2000 election cycle would say---"There's strength in numbers, my friends." And it indeed is a worthy call.

I've got my call calendared for 8:20 tomorrow morning.

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