Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yep, NatZ-104, FEDeral baseball

Proving puns are bad the second time, too; also proving that MLB is comprised of a bunch of dumbasses.

More gory details here.

The deal will not bring in revenue to the Nationals, a source said. Rather, the team will buy the air time -- terms were unavailable -- and try to recover the money through ad sales.

Washington has a team for the first time in 34 years. It has sold 18,000 season tickets. People lined up outside a freakin' trailer in frigid weather to get Nats gear.

Buy radio time? Brilliant!

Nationals President Tony Tavares said he preferred a one-year deal now "because I don't think we should get locked into anything."

You think?

"We're coming into a soft market," Tavares said. "It's soft, in part, because we got going so late on this thing."

Read: Bud and Gang dickered around for far too long. We get Radio Borneo as a result.

Alternate reading: Tony Kornheiser served as our market consultant.

Tavares said he went with Bonneville in part because of the company's ability to promote the broadcasts across its other stations in the Washington area, including WTOP.

Well, that's nice. If only MLB had lined them up, you know, the actual WTOP (and not just the 1500-AM signal).

The process of selecting broadcasters will begin as early as this afternoon, when officials from the Nationals and Bonneville will meet and begin going through tapes.

That Elliot Price guy has posted on the BPG board; he sounds like a nice guy. Sign him up.

Gah. This is bush league. Someone needs to tell Tavares we're not in Hiram Bighorn anymore.
Or Montreal, Trapper John, bless their hearts.
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