Saturday, February 12, 2005

When Tylenol Flu(tm) just won't do

Misery limits desire to go outside, despite dog's protestations; does lend opportunity to post

---The aches and pains may seem to be flu-like symptons, but they're actually the product of yet another chapter in the "Just pick a friggin' station" saga. DCRTV reports that WJFK is now the clear front-runner and, absent a last minute kick by WTEM, will emerge as the winner, with an announcement perhaps coming next week. I've no clue if DCRTV Dave has adjusted for "MLB time," though; if he hasn't, expect the announcement in the year 2267, right about the time Peter Angelos and the rest of the freaks from Remulac-7 overpower mankind.

Apparently, both WTOP and WMAL have dropped out, owing to their desire to keep the sanctity of their programming formats, which both might be described generally as "boring as hell." Well, good for them. (And, yes, WTOP is useful.)

---I also noticed the blurb (SERIAL KILLER TO GEORGE COSTANZA: "Blurb? You're a blurb.") on DCRTV below the latest post on the radio rights saga; apparently, Joe Gibbs is less than enamored of WTEM's Skins-related tone and is thinking of jumping his weekly show to WJFK.

My first thought is that WTEM's brag that it's "Washington's flagship sports station" must be the product of a self-effacing sarcastic wit. My second thought is that Gibbs is having trouble taking the heat and seeks safer confines of the station that broadcasts the team's games and thus has reason to stay on the team's good side. My third thought is that, similarly, whichever station gets the Nats' rights (especially while the team is still owned by MLB) is going to be Propaganda Central. And my fourth thought is that it's better for Propaganda Central to be a station that might actually like discussing baseball.

Go 'JFK, go!

---Ballwonk, Man of the People, links to a column in which NY Times' columnist David Brooks gets his panties in a bundle over the Nats' season ticket policies.

Thereafter, Ballwonk tosses out a pretty nice idea. Well, maybe it's in jest, but I think it's a nice idea:

One thing that would be fun, though, would be a box of seats behind the visitor's dugout reserved for the senators representing the visiting team. They could attend to cheer on their own, or they could donate the seats to constituents or to youth leagues back home.

Also, note the poll on the front page. Among divisional opponents, Philly leads the "Who's our rival?" tally by a fairly substantial margin.

---Nationals Pastime John links to an Associated Press article ---by way of a Canadian hoser website --- that says, well, there's a lot left to be done before the Nationals really, truly become the Nationals. Kind of sobering, actually.

---It wasn't exactly Tyson-Michael Spinks, but the lawsuit by the Expos' minority partners officially hit the canvas yesterday:

The lawsuit by the former limited partners of the Montreal Expos against former owner Jeffrey Loria was dismissed Friday when a federal judge approved an arbitration panel's ruling. A three-member arbitration panel in November ruled against the 14 minority owners on all counts, including one claiming major league baseball and commissioner Bud Selig fraudulently conspired with former Expos principal owner Jeffrey Loria to eliminate Montreal and allow him to buy the Florida Marlins.
If the former limited partners had prevailed, they would have sought an injunction to block the Expos' move to Washington, where they were renamed the Nationals. U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro-Benages accepted stipulations from both sides Friday to end the suit.

Jeffrey Loria? Bad, no doubt. This action ending? Good, for sure.

---Today's "Wayne Knight is officially freaked out" award goes to Kansas City Royals' owner David Glass, who doesn't want a downtown stadium. (The KC Star site is registration-only, the "bselig" trick didn't work, and I don't feel like taking the time even to check out Bugmenot, so I've linked to the Baseball Primer discussion, which contains a money quote from Glass.

I'd imagine staying in Kauffman Stadium must be in his best interest, but when was the last time you heard an owner say, "Move downtown? New park? Nah. I'm fine." Bizarre.

The Nats--Phils thing is going to be tough for me: grew up outside Philly, been a Phils fan for a long time. But, proximity wins out, although I suspect I'll be pulling for the Phils, at least for now, when they're not playing the Nats.
So you'll be a "secondary rooter," as I call it, for the Phillies?

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