Thursday, February 17, 2005

We're just trying to keep it real, Frank

Nats manager plays coy when asked question with obvious probative value

Today's Post article demonstrates Frank Robinson's sudden desire to communicate with absolutely Coolidge-ian detail. Put it this way: If I'm a reporter (I'm not of course, but if I were), I've got one big question for Robinson: "Say Frank, who's playin' and who's sittin'?" (Okay; maybe that's two questions, but the second can be inferred from the first.) In fact, let's try it out:

QUESTION: "Say Frank, who's playin' and who's sittin'?

ROBINSON: "Don't go there. I'll move people around this spring in different orders in the lineup and see how they perform and settle on one the last week or 10 days before the season."

Superb! Our choices are either a) Frank's gone surly in his (relatively) old age, or b) he's really going to use Spring Training to separate the wheat from the chaff (which, as Chris the Scoopster notes, is a scary thought).

Also, according to the article, Jimmy Bow-wow met with the players who have arrived at the complex yesterday. They were private meetings, allowing each player to soak in Bowden's greatness individually. Sayeth Bodes:

"I got a feel for everybody," Bowden said. "It was a good day."

Didn't even have to use his A-K?

(And yes, I did include that pointless nugget for the sole purpose of making the joke.)

I wonder if he saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp.
Hey, his jimmy runs deep . . .
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