Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Shroud has been lifted

Computer illiterate finally figures out how to change Profile so as to reflect his name

Anyway, when I started this thing I figured I'd just go by "The Inquirer" for an interim period while I assessed whether to continue. Yesterday's absence notwithstanding, I think I'll do this for awhile yet, so I might as well introduce myself. I finally figured out how to change this in my Profile on Blogger. (Every time I tried, even when I "saved," it would reset back to The Inquirer; I have no idea why.)

At any rate, let me introduce myself. That's my name up there: Basil. It's pronounced with a "long-a," as BAY-sil---not BAH-sil, like the British version, or Austin Power's boss, or the guy who played in Sherlock Holmes, sor the little mouse detective. The last name has a "silent-t" but is astonishingly simple thereafter.

Anyway, that's my name, Basil. You might remember me from such one-shot writing gigs as Baseball Primer, May 2001 (not quite sure what happened there . . . but I'm still in the archives, or at least I was a little while ago) or the bang-up final edition of the Big Bad Baseball Annual.

Or probably not.

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