Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rotationally speaking . . .

Sports Illustrated ranks the National League starting pitchers, and guess where the Nats rank?

In the top 92nd percentile!.

Wait. I might have misstated the percentile thing. Whoa. Hold on; 15th out of 16 teams sounds pretty bad.

Here's what the writer, Jacob Luft, had to say about our fightin' feds:

Moving to RFK2004. Runs Allowed: 769, 11th in NL. Outlook: Hernandez may be the game's most underrated pitcher. He has posted five consecutive seasons of 200-plus innings, leading the league in innings pitched the past two seasons. As for the rest of this group, does it rain much in D.C. during the summer?

Well, that seems a pretty cursory view, doncha think? No mention of the "home field certainty bump"? No mention of "It depends on whether Okha and Armas are healthy"? No mention of "Come to think of it, the Brewers and Pirates and Rockies and D-Bucks don't look all that deep"? Well, at least he gave Livan some credit.

At any rate, I don't feel like bickering over three or four spots. In addition, the guy cited "DIPS ERA," which is nice.

I know that this article only references starting rotations, but I suspect its author, like many national writers, is under the impression that it will be the pitching to drag the team down---which, of course, is not as likely as the offense.

I liked the Livan shout-out, but the guy completely ignored Ohka. When people do mention him, they seem to lump him in with Armas - "injury-prone." A shattered forearm is not the same as nagging elbow problems or whatever, and Ohka will be fine.
That's true, Ryan. It would be an understatement to say that the years in Montreal have allowed national writers to become less-than-vigilante in their knowledge of the organization's news, wouldn't it?
Darn tooting. They're all like "Ohka? Is he that guy Steinbrenner called a toad?"
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