Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pow-wow with Bow-wow

Ugh, what an awful title; it should be "Bow-whoa" too

Anyway,'s Bill Ladson sat down with Jim Bowden*. (Or maybe they conducted the interview standing up?) Today, Nationals Pastime John implied that perhaps Bowden gets a bad rap from Nats bloggers, so this interview is fortuitous in its timeliness.

If there's one quality that defines Bowden, it's that he is not afraid to be frank. If he's not sure about something, he won't sugar-coat. Recall his comments on Esteban Loaiza a few days ago and then consider that in this interview he frankly states that the team's progress is too early to assess. No propping up a guy after two days in camp, for instance.

Then again, if he's certain about something, he won't hide that fact: You don't have quality hitters or catchers in the minor leagues. What are you going to do about that?
Bowden: This organization has done a poor job with the bats. I believe in hitters. When I was in Cincinnati, I always went after hitters to score runs. You win the World Series with pitching, but those teams are also winning games because they are scoring runs. You got to score runs. There are not a lot of bats in the big-league level and there's not a lot of bats in the minor league level. That's something we have to work on and it's has to be corrected.

This exchange is further evidence that Bowden's outlook is commendable. He is not foisting undue expectations on the fanbase (he's been quoted as saying .500 would be a nice goal, and I agree), and he is frank and resolute concerning areas he perceives have been neglected. I might not like all of the moves he has made, or even most of them, but I like this.

PS: Note that he refers to Wilkerson a number of times---and always as an outfielder. I don't know if that means anything, but it does correspond with the famous Dry Erase Board.

* URL:

The dry erase board knows all, I tell ya. I'm too lazy to go copy the link, but if you look at the blurb I just posted on Bowden, he has NJ firmly entrenched at first.

The battle lines have been clearly drawn between Terrmel and Endy.
You're right, Chris. NJ looks safe now, which is good. I have to think Endy has the inside track on the remaining spot, not out of merit but just because I can't actually imagine Wilks will be the CF.

That's a weird column, by the way. It's like Gozer occupying Sigouney Weaver's (or Rick Moranis', I forget which is which) body.
They're easy to tell apart. Rick Moranis is the guy.

I'm a pain in the ass.
So that means Weaver's the girl? ;-)

Actually, that's the one fact I remember from "GalaxyQuest."
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